The new logo is just the beginning.  This electric car is a harbinger of a real revolution

Electric cars have become increasingly popular in recent years due to them being more efficient, cost effective and environmentally friendly. Electric vehicles also require lower operating costs—they have fewer moving parts, and they don’t require changing oil, filters, belts, etc.

Electric vehicles have advanced dramatically over the past decade, and progress in their development is only accelerating. Proof of this is Škoda’s decision. One of the most famous auto manufacturers in the world has introduced a new concept of electric vehicles. It is embodied in the Vision 7S, which is based on the new solid modern design language.

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A new logo, a symbol of great change. Preview of the cars that will change the industry

The fact that it is the precursor to an entirely new type of vehicle is evidenced by the logo. Škoda decided to change it for a reason. It is a symbol of opening another chapter in the company’s history. The logo no longer uses 3D rendering. Created with a completely different symmetrical print. Circular shapes are combined with a border here. The symbol of the new age can be seen in the letter S. So it is special because it has a “roof”. From now on, it is combined with the first letter, making it more understandable on a global scale.

The “Winged Arrow” emblem also changes. And it no longer uses 3D graphics, a symbol of more digital communication. Skoda is also changing its corporate identity, which will use two shades of green. It is a symbol of ecology, sustainable development and electric mobility, on which Škoda relies.

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vision 7s. A harbinger of revolution is waiting for the drivers

However, the new logo is just the beginning of a major change. ŠKODA’s visual identity is changing, becoming more digital, modern and simple. Vision 7S is an all-electric vehicle. It was created in the solid new modern design language. Its main features, which are evident even in the design of the front apron, are streamlining, economy and simplicity. The same new philosophy can be seen, for example, in the sparing use of engraving. Škoda is also highlighting the opening of a new chapter in its history in other ways – for example by changing the color scheme.

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The ultra-spacious SUV is modern not only because of the new design language, but also because of the technology. It was created on the Volkswagen Group’s MEB platform. Attention is drawn to the huge range of up to 600 km (in the WLTP cycle). This is possible thanks to the huge battery with a capacity of up to 89 kWh.

The new model is the first of many. The manufacturer has already announced that by 2026 it will launch three completely new, fully electric, innovative cars that will change the industry. The following models are already on the drawing boards of Škoda engineers. The giant will offer an electric SUV, a family car and a smaller car.

Electric cars are the future

Why is Skoda betting on electric cars? They have exceptionally many advantages. In addition to the already mentioned low operating costs, the most obvious advantage relates to lower travel costs. Driving on electricity can be much cheaper than driving on conventional fuel. Electric cars are also beneficial to the environment, as they do not emit carbon dioxide and harmful gases.

In addition to these benefits, electric cars also provide a unique driving experience. It not only accelerates in a straight line thanks to the ultra-fast torque, but also gives a pleasant feeling of “floating” in space. It is not without the importance of silence, which gives comfort to travelers and contributes to reducing noise pollution. The electric revolution seems unstoppable. Cars like the Vision 7S prove that the future of the automotive industry is painted in bright colors, modern and exceptionally driver-friendly.

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