Moderna followed celebrities skeptical about coronavirus vaccines?

Moderna has hired a former FBI agent to do internal reporting on “high-risk” celebrities, including: Tennis star Novak Djokovic, tech mogul Elon Musk and actor Russell Brand, who have publicly criticized coronavirus vaccination orders, the New York Post reported.

The Boston-based pharmaceutical company that rolled out one of the first mRNA COVID-19 vaccines given to tens of millions of Americans during the coronavirus pandemic has reportedly hired a team of former law enforcement officials to create a disinformation unit to track the fight against the coronavirus. Vaccination morale

The news regarding the existence of the cell and the reports prepared by it were first revealed by independent journalists – Li Fang and Jack Paulson. According to Fang and Paulson, the administration was commissioned to prepare a report entitled “Djokovic crowned anti-vaccine champion after winning the US Open.” The Serbian tennis legend, who holds the record for the number of Grand Slam titles, was banned from participating in the 2021 and 2022 US Open tournaments due to his refusal to take the Covid-19 vaccine.

“The position of Djokovic, whose opposition to vaccines prevented him from participating in the 2022 US Open, returning to and winning a Moderna-sponsored competition, reinforces anti-vaccine claims that vaccines are unnecessary,” one Moderna-generated report said. a team.

The document shows that Moderna was concerned that “vaccine opponents were celebrating” Djokovic’s victory, which was made more disturbing because people on social media were “sarcastically pointing out that Moderna is a sponsor of the US Open.”

Musk is in the crosshairs

Moderna also deemed Tesla CEO Elon Musk “high risk.” This came after he posted a video on his social media platform

Moderna was concerned that Musk was promoting a narrative that would “lay the foundation for sowing distrust in trusted sources of information about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.”

According to Fang and Paulson, the “disinformation” unit is not part of Moderna’s global intelligence division, which is headed by Nicky Rotman, a former FBI analyst who worked in the bureau for 20 years. Rotman is said to be responsible for monitoring mainstream news and websites for information about vaccine skepticism.

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