Getin Noble Bank will disappear from the banking market.  We know when you change the brand and new strategy

As a result of forced restructuring Jiten Noble Bank, controlled by the Bank Guarantee Fund. Ultimately, it will operate under the name VeloBank. Friday 11 November President VeloBank Adam Marciniak announced that Getin Bank branches will be rebranded to VeloBank 21 November. Then we will also learn about the strategy the new bank.

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Zandberg: In most civilized European countries, loan installments are fixed. In Poland, banks invited casinos

VeloBank will replace Getin Noble Bank in the Polish market

“We want to build a global bank that supports our bank.” Client Including in energy conversion. We will launch some new products that were not yet available, among others Mortgage. We want to show it in the first quarter of 2023. We believe that the second half of next year will be better economically and the demand for this type of product will increase “- said Marciniak, Quoted by Wirtualne Media.

The head of VeloBank also reported that customer flow due to the shift was lower than initially expected, even adding that it stabilized in the first week of operation of the new machine. bank. However, he did not disclose the exact numbers.

VeloBank. “We want to isolate ourselves from the old brand”

Adam Marciniak confirmed that the indicator credits For new bank deposits are currently 55-60 percent. This is due to, among other things, all deposits of Getin Noble Bank customers, as well as loans in zloty. The new bank will have to maintain its TCR at 4% for a year.

– In the near future, we want to separate ourselves from the old brand and move to the new one. We will introduce new strategy and new value to the customer. We plan to develop the bank in all areas of its operations – said Marciniak, citing Wirtualne Media.

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Getin Noble Bank – Financial problems have been going on for years

Getin Noble Bank is one of the top ten banks polishing Banks, the total value of its assets is more than 9 billion euros 200 million, or about 44 billion PLN. However, since 2016, the bank has been in a difficult situation due to low profitability, which led to the depletion of capital. Two years later, there was a banking panic – more than 10 billion zlotys were withdrawn from the bank in less than three weeks. Legal and Credit Risks Related to EC Mortgage Loans Swiss Franc In addition to the decline in the value of the bank’s assets.

All this led to the fact that in October, Getin Noble Bank was subjected to a forced restructuring. The Commercial Bank Security System gave him the support he needed to do the compulsory work safely Restructuring In the amount of 3.47 billion PLN. About 90 percent. Of this amount is subsidies, the rest is allocated to the purchase of a minority block of shares in the bridge enterprise.

bank owner, Lasik Kazerniki He even published a statement on the matter, making it clear that the takeover of the bank had been planned for years. The problems of Leszyk Czarnik and Jetbank have been going on for a long time. You can read more about it in the article below.

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