“Canada’s Got Talent” Star Genevieve Cotte Receives Another “Golden Buzzer”

After shining Canada has talent Last spring, noisemaker, impersonator and comedian Genevieve Code once again shined on the franchise’s stage with her vocal talent.

The French product was invited this time to participate in the program France has incredible talentThe Laval resident earned her pass to Tuesday’s semifinals, winning a second “Golden Buzzer” for her Amazonian jungle sounds in the song. change, By Michel Ducharme.

“The production contacted me after my ‘Golden Buzzer’ [au Canada] Invite me to France. She asked me to do the same number that I had given for my audition Canada has talent», Genevieve Cotte will also participate in it America’s Got Talent: Fantasy League After the holidays.

“When I saw Karin Lee Marchant’s shoes [approcher la scène], I knew what was going on, so I was already crying (laughs). I was crying. I touched. Doing this performance, it’s such a deep number, it makes me feel something inside. It makes me sad,” described Qubesser.

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023,

Photo courtesy of M6 by Julian Theuil

On Tuesday, November 28, 2023, in the program “France has an incredible talent”, the acoustic artist, impersonator and comedian Genevieve Cote won the “Golden Buzzer” award.

The judges described his performance as “shamanic” and “transporting”.

“I was so happy that Sugar Sammy, a judge from Quebec, gave me such good comments as I threw him on the floor. It was a great honor,” said Genevieve Cote.

Heading straight into the semi-finals of the competition, the next time the acoustic artiste appears on set, she will deliver a cinema-inspired number that should transport the audience back and leave them feeling emotional.

Remember when he participated in the semi-finals Canada has talentQuebecer delivered a Western-inspired number Once in the West. Following its broadcast, noise engineer Michael Runcourt publicly denied any similarities between one of his numbers inspired by the film and Lavallois.

The latter did not want to comment on the situation, but explained that he draws immense inspiration from American, French and international cinema to create his numbers.

“There are a lot of fake people who go with the rhythm of the films, but I go with the sound effects. When I compose I reconstruct the story of the film chronologically. The little voice is stronger than me and I follow everything,” he explained.

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Photo courtesy of M6 by Julian Theuil

Noise artist, impersonator and comedian Genevieve Cote during her audition for “France has an incredible talent” on Tuesday, November 28, 2023.

Genevieve Cotte, who admits to readily adopting a French accent, returns to the set France has incredible talent In December.

In between filming, she went to Hollywood to participate America’s Got Talent: Fantasy LeagueHe was one of the top 40 acts featured in the show from around the world.

La Québécoise was also associated with several forms of ownership Got talent And the main broadcasts and will meet, after the holidays, from the noise artist Genadi Tkachenko Georgia talent.

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