Importance!  New exemption for the pensioner.  Unexpectedly, the House of Representatives passed the PIT-0 test for seniors at Nowy Łada.  Who does not pay tax: 10/10/2021

On Friday, October 1, Simm passed a law commonly known as the Tax New Deal. The tax-exempt amount increases to PLN 30,000. PLN annually and raises a higher tax threshold – from about 85 thousand. Polish zlotys amount to 120 thousand. zloty. According to the previously referenced draft, pensions amount to 2.5 thousand. PLN will be exempt from tax (this is the effect of the free amount), but quite unexpectedly – because it was not included in the draft – the House of Representatives also issued a new tax relief for retirees, called PIT-0 for seniors. What is it and who will benefit from it?

In simplified terms, it can be said that PIT-0 for seniors is a tax tool similar to the current zero PIT for youth, and in the new tax system from 2022 it will also be used by families with four or more children – PIT-0 for families 4+.

PIT-0 for the elderly is an incentive to stay in the labor market. They will use it Full-time employees, contract workers and entrepreneurs (Libra, “ruler” and lump sum) who, despite having received the right to retirement, will withdraw from receiving it and will continue their professional activity.

This is how much money you get in tax-free pensions. I see …

PIT-0 for seniors will work like PIT-0 for youth, i.e. annual income from work up to PLN 85,528. Seniors who settle on general principles will still have a free amount to use, which will reach PLN 30,000. zloty.
In other words, older working people who do not receive a pension will pay tax only after their earnings exceed PLN 115,528 (PLN 30,000 of the free amount + PLN 85,528 for exemption).

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