Mika’s heartbreaking news of her mother’s death

On Sunday, Mika was the guest of the week’s portrait Seven to eight. Promotion opportunity for the artist May your head always bloom, His sixth album, but above all to address the disappearance of his mother, which is the source of this new work.

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In fact, he owes the album’s title to his mother, who gave him these words in the title of a drawing she drew for his birthday before she died of brain cancer.

“I’m away, I’m doing concerts. My sister tells me to get an iPad. On an iPad, she can draw because she can’t write anymore. So she drew me this drawing,” said Mika on the TF1 program presented by Audrey Crespo-Mara. “She sent it to me and it became her hour. It’s a very innocent portrait of me with a sailor top and flowers coming out of my head. And there’s this message: “Happy birthday, I wish your head always blooms.”

The 40-year-old singer has taken “instructions” all his life, and it’s a heartbreaking message his mother wanted to convey to him before she left. According to him, his mission is clear: “Keep ideas,” “Turn them into reality,” and “Don’t waste a millimeter of this thing until the end.”

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