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I don’t know if you’re like me, but after a week I’m even more confused than before.

Published at 6:00 am.

For centuries, election campaigns in Quebec have been simple to follow. There were two parties: Red and Blue. Reds are the Liberal Party and blues are the Conservative Party, Union Nationale and Parti Québécois. We had no problem finding our way. For decades, the sky was blue, hell was red, and then, the reds were federalists, and the blues, separatists. To find out which side you’re on, you need to ask yourself one question, and depending on your answer to yes and no, you’ll know who to vote for.

But in 2022 we become five parties. Five! After years of doing something in pairs, you’re suddenly stuck doing it in fives, yikes! You really don’t know where to turn and the rest.

Gone are the days of two colors. We came up with the Chico Charter: red, orange and three shades of blue.

Quebec does not have enough poles to hang all the signs. When we come out of the house, we are surrounded by big faces of shyness.

In news bulletins, it never ends! First a summary of the day from the leader of the CAQ, then a summary of the day from the leader of the Liberal Party, then a summary of the day from the parliamentary leader of Québec solidaire, followed by a summary of the day from the leader of the Parti Québécois and finally, a summary of the day from the leader of the Conservative Party of Quebec. It is so long that it takes us a summary of the contractions. It’s not a newscast anymore, it’s a Netflix series!

Every day, one after another, they send us dozens and dozens of projects Computer We like an excel file with two legs. We have a life! We don’t just have to do that, we have to absorb the political agenda.

To navigate tax deductions, you need GPS. Whereas the CAQ promises to cut the rates of the top two tax brackets by 1% in the short term and 2.5% over 10 years, while the PLQ cuts the top two levels by 1.5% immediately, the PCQ, for its part, cuts the top two levels by 2%, bringing the personal amount from $16,143 to $20,000. By increasing, PQ doesn’t cut tax, but we send a check for $1200 and QS promises a tax holiday for thousands. Products, tell us, which economic solution do you adhere to? Oh… can you repeat the question?

Multiple choices are not enough.

Earlier, when I went to the market and asked for tomatoes, they gave me tomatoes. Now you are asked, “Would you like sweet beef tomatoes, tart cherry tomatoes, lemony green zebra tomatoes, sweet Andean horn tomatoes, or fragrant purple calabash tomatoes? ? “I want tomatoes that taste like tomatoes!” ! ! !

I can’t wait to see the discussion! The five-party debate is not a debate, it’s an extravaganza. When they start to interfere, it will look old 110%. Who is Jean Peron? And this face to face Converts to VAT face to face. Already, at the age of two, they do not have time to express their views, imagine at five.

By the way, a tip for the five bosses: stop talking against others. We can’t follow you blaming each and every one of you. This is no longer an election campaign, O.D.

At the very least Dual careerWhen they are in alliance A fivefold occupationDominic is unlikely to leave with Eric and Gabrielle French Francois. Bickering kills the message. We are only talking about this. Use your airtime to say nice things about yourself because others won’t.

There are five of them and we have to deal with it. Still, there are benefits. The range is huge. It is like a Boy band, the more likely you are to find a member to identify with. It’s even better than one Boy bandAt least because there is a girl.

After the election, we can only dream that these five men will join forces in the National Assembly, rather than tear each other apart. Each represents a percentage of the population that is important to engage in the larger project of living together.

They were once five years old and they sang it Country peopleIn harmony.

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