March 28, 2023


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This famous TV presenter rarely believes in the true nature of Sunday as before

On Sunday, Jean-Philippe Dion will receive Vartha Etienne, Ingrid St-Pierre and Stéphane Birou at his home.

In a post on Instagram, the team True nature Confirms the host An upside down world reassuring “Rarely Before” During a visit to his chalet.

He is overcome with emotion when he thinks back to his childhood, which was not like other youths of his age. See an excerpt below the article.

Everything could have gone completely wrong for him, but luckily, the Guardian Angels keep his world right! “, read on Instagram.

Varda, for her part, will admit that she had to take time off from her job to take care of her mental health.

” […] Her journey reminds us that we never know what celebrities are really up to outside of the cameras ” says the manufacturer.

Note that the voice Starting on Sunday, it is recommended that you register for the following program True nature And in your terminal so as not to waste a minute.

Keep in mind that we have been entitled to some great encounters so far True natureincluding the one with Daniel Henkel, He gave us chills.

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