“Marilyn Monroe” makes people jealous with this dress on Brad Pitt’s arm

This Thursday, September 9, the film crew Blonde hair Daxin was in town to deliver a new nail Netflix. Dedicated to biography Marilyn Monroe A lot is expected on stage. Ana de Armas There is a legendary actress who wanted to pay tribute to her with an outfit that went unnoticed. Brad PittThe film’s producer walked the red carpet alongside the Cuban actress.

The Feature in Fig is adapted from Novel Author’s name Joyce Carol Oates. Its director, Andrew Dominik, decided to turn his words into pictures together Netflix. After his roles Knives out, Deep water Or gray man, Ana de Armas immerses herself in the skin of Marilyn Monroe. took 15 years old Australian director to bring this film project to life.

Ana de Armas plays Marilyn Monroe Blonde hair

To Ana de Armas, Blonde hair Shows the story of Feminist side The Life of Marilyn Monroe. She said on the site Netflix Tail : ” Andrew’s ambition was clear from the start. It is to present a version of life Marilyn Monroe Through his vision. He wanted the world to experience what Marilyn was all about Norma Jean. This is the proposal Very braveHonest and feminine in her life I have never seen. »

To impersonate the famous Marilyn, Ana de Armas had to take a year diction and D’Imitation Star poses. It was two to three hours before each shoot Styling And Makeup. Production illustrating snapshots and trailers shared in recent weeks It took the netizens by surprise. Actually, Ana de Armas Looks like Must be mistaken for a 50s star.

The 2h45 film premiered in France this Friday, September 9 Deauville. Ana de Armas received the event New Hollywood Award. Launched in 2011, Post Rewards “ Talent, passion and dedication of actors and actresses in the path of creativity. “Already Ryan Gosling, Jessica Chastain or Daniel Radcliffe have been given a prerogative. Price made the producer. Blonde hair, Brad PittJoin the Cuban actress at the Venice Film Festival.

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A dress that pays homage to Marilyn Monroe’s iconic style

The vaporous garment is signed Louis Vuitton. The neckline and pleats recall the creation, which has become cult William Travilla for Seven years of reflection. The one named here is the most popular white dress of the Hollywood symbol. Images of the dress flying above the subway vent have crossed generations Legendary. The Powder pink A nod to another of the star’s famous outfits: the Strapless dress Inside The Men like blondes.

Ana de Armas’ dress offers a glimpse With finesse and eleganceWhat awaits subscribers Netflix with Blonde hair. The movie is available from the streaming site September 23 next. Meanwhile, the Cuban actress shared some Clichés Some parts of the image, which only heightens our desire to discover images. In the program? A pop of blonde hair, a tiny mole near the mouth, and a bold lipstick! The Unity A surprise strike between two women!

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