Microsoft Windows 11 ad smashed

In theory, these things could happen with beta software testing. The new version of Windows 11 was very unstable for several hours after publication. The problem was that it was not a system error itself. There was a problem with the ad it downloaded.

There is only a little time until the premiere of Windows 11. The system will appear on new computers and in the form of an update October 5. Windows Insider Program in the sewer beta I preview It only serves to spot bugs and recent shortcomings.

Yesterday, a new beta version of Windows 11 appeared on Microsoft’s servers, and testers can download it. Shortly after posting on social media, the first information about the problems with the new version appeared. The taskbar, settings, and many other important system elements keep crashing. Well, a beta version. As if expected. But not completely.

The failure was unusual for two reasons. First, it seemed alarmingly close to launching the system on the market. Secondly, her nature turned out to be very peculiar. Enthusiasts – because beta testers are made up of these users – started looking for the causes of the problem and how to eliminate them themselves. The solutions they provided were effective and indicated that the problem was not something defective in the system code, but rather an issue with its default configuration. in the last someone I got to the point.

It turns out, in fact, that the only drawback of the Windows 11 code in the discussed version is the lack of sufficient security of the situation. This deficiency is not surprising, as this mechanism should be Defense The system is in front of Microsoft itself. More specifically, against the ads served by its servers.

Windows 11, like Windows 10, tries to make the lock screen more attractive in its default configuration. It displays an attractive image, information on interesting facts related to it, the date, time and other elements. This mechanism is fed by the Microsoft cloud, and from there the system takes more photos and information. Microsoft decided to place an ad for Microsoft Teams there. This turned out to be poorly written, which made the entire system unstable.

It is difficult to complain about the instability of the test system. However, it is very annoying that the shell of the operating system is so sensitive that any advertisement – perhaps in the form of code written in one of the web languages ​​- can damage it. Even if the only source for these ads is the company responsible for the system.

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