Hearthstone – Mercenary mode with extensive gameplay
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August 31, 2021, 22:25

Find out more about the new Mercenary mode in Hearthstone and see a big part of the gameplay.

Blizzard released the gameplay of the game hearthstone With the details of the new mercenary mode. This variant of playing by the rules, announced at the beginning of 2021, is like law, where we choose a champion and complete a deck by buying cards of gold. The game is based on the stone-paper-scissors style, and the player decides where to spend the cards on the table, which attacks the opponent in the correct order in the right direction.

It would be similar in the case of mercenaries, but with more emphasis on RPG and roguelite elements. It is also intended to serve those players who do not want to invest money or time creating groups that can compete in the Standard or Wild formats.

The developers discuss the new mode in great detail about the overall gameplay. Just as the inn was a home in Ostauke, our activities will be concentrated here in the village. This is where it is The player will recruit new characters, accept orders, complete achievements and create mercenaries (skills, items, chests).

Hearthstone - Mercenary mode with extensive gameplay - Illustration #1

Watch the village in the new mercenary mode. rdo: blizzard.

We will be able to choose from a large selection of mercenaries, which at the time of the start should be 50. These characters will be known from the world world of cans, Give There will also be guests from other Blizzard titles, such as Diablo, Lord of Terror. Mercenaries will be divided into three classes: soldiers, gunmen, and magicians. The Obroca is a typical front-line tank, the swordsman is the most damaging warrior, and the sorcerer supports the rest of the second line with powerful spells. creators hearthstone Use the critical wound scheme shown in the screenshot below, for example rotating deals double the damage to armed men.

Hearthstone - Mercenary mode with extensive gameplay - Illustration #2

New critical damage chart for individual classes. rdo: blizzard.

One of the main aspects of the game, as well as synergies between the skills of the mercenaries, should be the appropriate class and its place on the battlefield. Each character will have 3 abilities, some of which will require a cooldown period after using them, which is new to the mechanics hearthstone. This mainly applies to the most powerful skills, thanks to which an appropriate balance is maintained in the game.

As the mercenaries progress, they will get experience rewards, equipment items, and coins to create new cards. As with skills, Each character can contain a maximum of three itemsHowever, he will only use one during combat. It affects the mercenary’s stats, team stats, or individual abilities.

Hearthstone - Mercenary mode with extensive gameplay - Illustration 3

Character setting screen before combat. rdo: blizzard.

For completing the introduction of the new mode, each player will get a great reward for the game world of cans.

Mercenaries and avatars will be available in Mercenary Packs. Blizzard will also reveal three pre-order starter sets:

  • inlaid Diablo Contains the Legendary Diablo Mercenary Diamond Card and 50 Mercenary Packs.
  • inlaid king lish Contains the Legendary Lich King Mercenary Diamond Card and 50 Mercenary Packs.
  • inlaid Silwan Includes Gold Legend’s Sylvan Mercenary Cards and 30 Mercenary Packs.

Diablo, Lich King, and Silvanus will also be available in regular mercenary packs. The new mode will appear for the first time hearthstone October 12.

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