February 3, 2023


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Moving Mercedes blocks in F1?  "They play dirty"

Moving Mercedes blocks in F1? “They play dirty”

Williams Preparing for changes in the squad for the 2022 season. More and more shows that George Russell I will join mercedes From the new season, while Grove has not yet announced a contract extension with him Nicolas Latifim. Williams is one of the stables where Red Bull’s man, Alexander Albon, can go.

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Mercedes contacts Alex Albon and urges him to turn down Williams’ offer. Toto Wolff responds to Christian Horner’s words

Christian Horner, President red bulla And he revealed in an interview with Sky Sports journalists that Mercedes is playing dirty and trying to prevent this move Alexandra Albona to Williams. “Alex would have preferred Williams for sure, but he had four calls from mercedesDon’t pass there. Naturally, she asked Albon to ignore this offer. I sincerely hope Mercedes does not block the opportunity for him. Otherwise, Alex will remain our test and backup driver,” Horner said.

Horner reacted firmly to these words Toto Wolf. “It’s business as usual after all. Williams has a Mercedes engine and we have Nick de Vries who deserves a chance at Formula 1. He recently won the world championship Formula E. Now there are two interested groups and we have to find a suitable solution. We are looking at vacancies at Williams and Alfa Romeo,” the Mercedes chief said in an interview with F1’s official website.

In the case of Alexander Albon, it seems less likely Transfer for Alfa Romeo. Kimi Raikkonen announces his departure from Formula 1And his place on the team will be taken Valtteri Bottas from mercedes. It is possible, then, that the second driver will be the novice in the program Ferrariand the place Robert Kubica He will take over the driving as a test driver and backup driver Antonio Giovinazzi.

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