Microsoft Insider – Major program changes announced.  The groundwork for Windows 12 is underway

Windows Insider is a special program designed for people who voluntarily decided to test upcoming changes in Microsoft’s operating systems. The American company has just announced major changes to it. The most important thing is about introducing a new update channel called Canary. There are many indications that this sets the stage for the premiere of Windows 12, which should see the light in 2024.

The American company is making changes to its Windows Insider Program. A new update channel called Canary will be available and the existing Dev Channel will be downgraded slightly. There are many indications of preparations for the release of Windows 12.

Microsoft Insider - Major program changes announced.  The groundwork for Windows 12 is underway [1]

Windows 11 Update KB5022913 brings a lot of changes, including Bing Search built into the taskbar

Canary Channel is designed to test changes that require a longer implementation period. This includes major modifications to the system kernel or application programming interface (API). The new channel is aimed at technically savvy users, as updates delivered through it often contain major bugs. The internal testing process will be greatly shortened, which will make the operating system versions more unstable than in the case of the standard test channel. Nor will there be complete documentation of the proposed changes.

Channel update The purpose of the channel
Canary channel Designed for highly technically savvy people. It includes the latest experimental changes to the system that are unstable and have limited documentation.
dev channel Intended for enthusiasts who want to test and learn about the latest changes in Windows 11. They may have lower stability and an insufficient level of polish.
beta channel Ideal for those who want to be the first users of mass-market solutions. These updates have been validated by Microsoft and are more stable than the Dev channel, but are still being tested.
Release the preview channel Designed for people who want to test new features and get access to the next version of the system shortly before it is officially released to the market. It is also recommended for commercial users.

Windows 12 will appear in the second half of 2024. At least that’s what Intel seems to think

Microsoft is also introducing a number of tweaks to the already existing Dev update channel. First of all, its importance will be slightly reduced. Only those updates that are externally verified as part of the Canary Channel will go there. All Windows Insider Dev Channel members will be automatically moved to the most recent test category. Staying within the Dev Channel should be possible, but would require a system reinstall. The Beta Channel and Release Preview are intended to remain unchanged and are recommended for most users who want to see the most important changes made to the system before others.

Microsoft Insider - Major program changes announced.  The groundwork for Windows 12 is underway [2]

Windows 11 – There’s a new File Explorer coming. This time the changes will concern viewing images

While it may seem that the insertion of the canary duct is a purely technical operation, there are many indications that something else is behind it. In this way, Microsoft is most likely preparing the ground for testing solutions that will be implemented in the next version of Windows. People familiar with the plans of the American company confirm that the development of the system will now proceed in two ways. On the one hand, you should pay attention to Windows 11 updates. On the other hand, the Canary channel will be used to test solutions that will become the basis for Windows 12. Given that Microsoft announced last year a return to the three-year cycle to release subsequent large versions of the system, we should see Premiere in 2024.

Source: Microsoft, Windows Central

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