Goodvale.  PS5 launch title now on PS4.  Beautiful graphics on the last generation console and addon

Godfall, one of the PlayStation 5 launch titles, is also available on PS4 from today. Let’s take a look at the graphics in this version of the game.

Godfall has already arrived on PS4 and looks pretty decent on Sony’s latest generation platform (below you’ll find some gameplay from the base PS4 model). According to first reports, the game is working Very smooth movement level. The title runs at 30fps on PS4, but it’s a value that is maintained without any noticeable drop-offs on Sony’s hardware. We still have to wait for more in-depth graphical analysis (the game will definitely be checked by DigitalFoundry). It is worth adding that gra supports crossplay on consoles, Which means PS4 and PS5 owners can pass on the title in collaboration – no matter what platform they own.

The release of Godfall on PS4 isn’t the only new one in this production. direct production Fire and Darkness Extensions And Lightbringer update is free, Which introduces a fun new mode, new cosmetic items, and other smaller improvements. People who buy a PS4 and then buy a PlayStation 5 will get the next generation update for free. In the Fire & Darkness expansion we get to DAbout a whole new area, with story missions and tons of new items to acquire.

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