Michniewicz doesn't talk much about anyone else.  A new star was born in the Polish national team

It was the end of the game. The majority of football players from Staff Ceslav Michenewicz She was exhausted. but not nicola zalosky. the assistant Rome He walked briskly on the field and cared for his friends. He certainly didn’t look like someone who ran more than 90 minutes in the match against Holland (2:2).

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“No one from Bayern Munich called. Lewandowski didn’t mind.” Interview with Jacob Kwiatkowski

A fairy tale and a cookie. This is how Matty Cash scored the first goal in the national team [WIDEO]

But Zalewski was running out. And to this running he added his help in Goal mate cash on 1:0. – I will remember this evening for a long time. It’s a pity that we were leading 2-0 and conceded two goals in five minutes. But let’s say it was a good evening – said Zalowsky after the draw with Holland.

And when he was asked after a while, why this change in connection with Wednesday’s defeat against Belgium (1:6), he answered frankly: – I don’t know, I don’t really know. We definitely wanted to make up for what we lost with Belgium. We did a good job today, but it’s a pity we only got to one point where we had a chance for three. However, the last game against Belgium is now ahead of us, and we are going to give our best.

Michniewicz praises Zalewski

Zalewski spoke to TVP Sport after the match, but later did not appear in the interview area. He was tied up by us under the staff bus, apologized and politely declined another interview. He explained that he was tired. Although right after the match, this fatigue wasn’t evident at all. It was a match he had the right to get tired. Moreover, he is good at his performance. Very good even. Only fourth in the first team and first in the starting lineup.

– Before I answer your question, I would like to summarize this meeting – Ceslav Michnivic started the post-match conference. specific Poland national team He did not receive any questions about Zalewski at the time, but decided to remind him of it himself. – It was a great move – he praised Zalowski and Kash, because it was the Aston Villa midfielder who received the ball after a precise and inconspicuous throw from left to right, ran into the penalty area and scored an undefended shot – who in the 18th minute, Poland were ahead with the Netherlands 1: 0.

“We are developing an interesting player”

On the Saturday after the game, Mitchinewicz praised Cash, but spoke more about Zalowski. – I praise this boy because he is a huge talent. He entered the national team strongly. An interesting player is growing. At the start of boot camp, he was a bit withdrawn. In the match against Wales, after this bus ride around the Colosseum, champagne flew a little more into his head. But in the following days it was clear that these bubbles were flying from the head – Mitchnowitz joked.

These “bubbles” are a nod to Roma’s success at the end of May when they won the UEFA Conference League. She defeated Feyenoord in the final (1:0). With Zalewski in the squad, who has already secured a permanent home in the squad this season Jose Mourinho. And now he is pushing himself and also confirming his skills in the frame. Especially in Saturday’s game with Holland, where Zalewski, along with ukasz Skorpuski – who saved Poland at the end of the match from defeat at the end of the match – was the best on the field.

“I think he flipped a coin.” Michniewicz categorically about the penalty kick for the Dutch

“Don’t be afraid”

Zalewski should be appreciated not only for his assistance in achieving the Cash goal, but for other actions as well. When he can not only play well with his friends, but also keep the ball, get out of the pressure. Or he managed to press down or return to the defense, where he supported on the left side and collaborated well with Bartosz Bereszyński. Especially at the end of the first half, when the Dutch pressed hard with a 0-1 score and it seemed like the scenario from Brussels would repeat itself, as we were also 1-0 ahead on Wednesday, but we couldn’t keep this lead until the break.

This time it worked. And that’s thanks to Zalewski, who played on the left flank, who had 27 contacts with the ball before the break, many of them in his own half. After the break, he added 10. It was a more discreet performance, but it wasn’t – How we rate Zalewski on Sport.pl – Do not take away from him the title of the winner in this match.

– This is a boy who plays a little differently than the top players in our league. For example, Kuba Kamiński, a similar position, but a slightly different player. Not like Nicola, who just watches who can be dug up here. He takes risks, is not afraid. He did this not only in the match against the Netherlands, but also a few days ago against Belgium, when in the past 10 minutes he entered the field and we had three goal cases with his participation – recalls Mitchinewicz.

In Brussels, none of these positions yielded a goal. But we saw another band in Rotterdam on Saturday. Not only fighting and running, but also having a good idea of ​​the game. And the new faces in the squad, mainly the team’s supporting personalities, who before Tuesday’s rematch with Belgium – like Zalewski – certainly made the coach think.

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