Message Store received a Syrian woman who almost froze in the forest.  I got a visa

  • Message Store welcomed refugee Marwa and her family to his home
  • The woman illegally crossed the Polish-Belarus border to join her parents and siblings in Germany, but in the woods near Hagnoka, she developed hypothermia and her kidneys stopped working.
  • Two months later, Marwa left the hospital, and thanks to the propaganda in the Western media, she obtained a humanitarian visa and will live with her relatives in Germany.
  • Maciej Stuhr also announced a surprise Christmas movie, which he prepared with his wife and friends
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Maciej Stuhr spoke in his Instagram and Facebook posts about the “Miracle of Christmas Eve” he witnessed. The actor welcomed Marawa into his home in Warsaw, who lived the whole country due to the possibility of legal residence in Germany. Maciej Stuhr and his wife also hosted the parents of the 30-year-old girl who came to Poland to look after her after rubbing herself to death in a forest near Hajnówka.

“And now about the miracles of Christmas Eve. Marwa is sitting in the middle of this picture. And the fact that today she is sitting and even walking and smiling and talking and hugging her parents (who live in Germany) for the first time in many years is a chain in her later life who has been on the edge of the abyss two months ago In the Polish forest. She had little chances of survival. The day before yesterday, after several weeks, she left the hospital in Hagnoka. She came with her parents to our house in Warsaw waiting for the appropriate documents, which miraculously managed to settle in Germany. Today, they are happy to Max, head safely west. Miracles happen, but they need help” by Maciej Stuhr.

Maciej Stuhr supports Marwa, who almost died in a forest on the Polish-Belarus border

The 30-year-old Marwa’s family has been living permanently in Germany for several years. The woman tried to join the family legally, but did not receive a visa. Finally, like other refugees from Syria, she decided to cross the Polish-Belarusian border illegally to get to Germany. Her plan fails and she is stuck in a forest near Hajnówka, where volunteers from the Granica Group find her in a state of extreme exhaustion. Within an hour, she was taken to hospital in Hagnoka after being diagnosed with hypothermia. As it turned out, she also had a kidney problem, and doctors started fighting for her life.

Marwa remained under the supervision of specialists from Hagnoka Hospital for two months. She was given little chance of survival and her parents were summoned to inform her that the woman’s condition was serious and she was in danger of death. However, Marwa’s being was so powerful that her kidneys started working and she was able to regain consciousness. Over time, the 30-year-old began to recover, but she still struggled with her strength. After regaining consciousness, Marwa’s parents wanted to take her to Germany immediately. However, it was not legal, which led to action in Poland and Germany.

The German embassy refused Marwa’s first request, but she was not deported. German activists, politicians, stars and celebrities joined the cause, who collected signatures to legalize her stay in Europe and publicized the case in the media. The association “Wir packen’s an” took part in the trial, recognizing that Marwa is the first refugee from the Polish-Belarus border to enter Germany legally. Marwa was finally taken out of the hospital on December 21 by her parents and taken to the German Embassy in Warsaw, where she applied for a visa.

Message Store In the entry, he also announced a movie-like surprise, which he prepared with his wife and people close to him. The video material has been announced for its premiere on Christmas Eve, and as the actor revealed, it will be shown when the “first star” appears in the sky.

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