December 6, 2022


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Invisible War – there is a trailer. Patrick Vega movie about Patrick Vega in gangster style

hidden war It is the latest film directed by Patrick Vega Meanwhile, another Polish production. The director announced that the upcoming projects are English-language titles for the global market. Played by Patrick Vega zurocha liftWhich we can evaluate in the trailer.

Invisible War – Trailer

The trailer is similar to the gangster movie Patrick Vega is used to. See and judge for yourself.

Invisible War – Description of the plot by the dealer

This is not a document, memorial or glorification. It is a fast-paced story about himself, full of truth, emotions and distinctive sense of humor, revealing behind the scenes from the life and career of the most controversial director – Patrick Vega. In his youth, before the world heard about him, he tried everything. He was a computer guy, an animator, a soccer player, an illegal software dealer, a gang member, and even a drug dealer. However, he knew all the time that his real goal was cinema – the passion that his grandfather instilled in him in his childhood. The goal is to make films that have not yet been created in Poland. A chance to make your biggest dreams come true when Patrick Vega (Ravi Zawercha), through a TV career, learns about the ruthless world of Polish police and organized crime. Entering a dark reality with a camera that 99% of people have no idea about, Vega takes on a tangible evil and builds his own legend for a relentless director. With the passage of time, he achieved an incredible success, and his films and series became a record hit and a gateway to the world he had always wanted. However, fame, luster, and big money come at a price and awaken stagnant demons. Will Vega, exposed to the many temptations and pitfalls of show business, be able to detect the impending threat in time? This is the story of his rise, fall, and soul-eating struggle. This is the true story of Patrick Vega.

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The cast also includes Anna Mucha, Justina Karlowska, Ignacy Klim, Artur Dziorman, Zbigniew Kozlowski, Michai Karnovsky, Peter Cyrus, Andrei Franczyk and Waldemar Maleszewski.

Invisible War – premieres September 30, 2022 in theaters.