The fiery romance occupied the media.  These are the secrets of Weronika Książkiewicz and Marek Bukowski’s relationship

In August 2018, the media reported a surprising news. At the time, it was written that Weronika Książkiewicz and Marek Bukowski were in love with each other. It would not be surprising if not for the fact that a few months ago the actor divorced Ewa Bukowska, to whom he had been married for 20 years. How was it really? Did Weronika Książkiewicz and her colleague from the group have an affair?

Weronika Książkiewicz and Marek Bukowski – A love and romance story

Weronika Książkiewicz and Marek Bukowski were supposed to pick up a common language on the set of the series Forester’s Lodge. It was there that a deep feeling was born between them. Did long photo shoots and long conversations make it impossible for the artists to forget each other? “They worked well together from the start. Suddenly they found out that they loved spending time together outside of the set. There was a spark between them, but it’s hard to say if it will turn into a lasting relationship, because it’s really just the beginning.”he wrote flash. However, they tried to keep their privacy and didn’t talk about it.

Moreover, at that time it was a warehouse flash Post some amazing photos. On them we saw Marek Bukowski showing love to his friend from the plan. In the photos, you could see that the audience’s favorites were not spared from tenderness.

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picture. Tomasz Wawer/TVP/East News

Marek Bukowski and Weronika Książkiewicz are a couple!  how did that happen?

picture. Tomasz Wawer/TVP/East News

Weronika Książkiewicz and Marek Bukowski’s Relationship Secrets. Parting and media reports

Unfortunately, they did not create a serious relationship. After a few months of acquaintance, the artists decided to end this relationship. Soon after, the actress appeared on the cover of Be Active magazine. At that time, she admitted that she started her adventure with training. “Love stories end completely differently. One of my stories ended in such a way that I had been looking for a new idea for myself for a long time. I was also looking for an idea about what needs to be changed in myself and my life in order to forget as soon as possible what is worth forgetting. Like weed that must be uprooted, tossed and forgotten. I wanted to make a thick line and write a new chapter. This is how my adventure with Ewa began.”

In one of the interviews, Weronika Książkiewicz decided to dispel all doubts. Did she really love Marek Bukowski? “For there to be a breakup, there must be a relationship. It is very funny that some rumors that were based on one photo began to live and spread. It is possible, she admitted in an interview with the portal. falcon.

Moreover, the information about Weronika Książkiewicz’s relationship with the famous actor made her receive more and more calls and congratulatory messages. “Thank you very much for that, I’ll let you know when I’m settled […] I’m very happy with what I have now.”

It follows from this that the artists were never in an official relationship. He said: “Veronica is used to being single and there is room for only one man in her heart, son Boris.” flash.

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