Donald Trump spoke out after the death of Alexei Navalny.  Attack political rivals

“suddenly Alexei Navalny dies “It has made me more aware of what is happening in our country,” the former US president and potential presidential candidate wrote in November.

“It is a slow, steady decline of crooked radical left politicians, prosecutors, and judges who are leading us toward destruction. Open borders, rigged elections, and deeply unfair court decisions are destroying America,” the entry quoted in the original spelling reads.

“We are a nation in decline, a nation on the verge of failure! MAGA2024,” Trump wrote, using his trademark acronym MAGA – Make America Great Again.

The former US president repeatedly stressed that he has excellent relations with Putin and also promised to do so Russia's war against Ukraine will end within 24 hours.

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President of the United States of America Joe Biden On Friday, the day Navalny died, he said he was shocked but not surprised. He confirmed that Putin is responsible for this death.

The president said US authorities are not yet sure whether the Russian dissident was killed, but there is no doubt that his death was the result of the actions of “Putin and his thugs.”

Biden also announced that the White House is considering additional steps that could be taken against the Kremlin.

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