The Russians read this information.  Difficult to comment - o2

The official Russian news agency RIA Novosti, headed by preacher Dmitry Kiselov, called “Putin’s Mouth”, “Preparing for the massacre of Russians living in Ukraine,” Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky announced, Sunday. However, there is no evidence of this, and the agency’s only source is the pro-Russian Ukrainian politician Ilya Kiwa.

A deputy from the pro-Russian opposition Bloc party wrote on his Telegram channel that the Ukrainian authorities “They closed down TV stations, blocked YouTube and Telegram channels,” and prevented people from accessing news of “ethnic cleansing.” He also stated that “information is isolated from society.”

Kiowa wrote that they would create legal chaos and prepare to massacre the unwanted Russian population, and would call them enemies of Ukraine.

He added that Ukrainian nationalists would be direct perpetrators of massacres. At the same time, he stressed that the extremists themselves “did not hide their plans to start massacres of Russians in the country for a long time.”

Kiva’s statements came as a reaction to the information about the closure of the pro-Russian “NAZ” TV channel. Friday, Council The National Security and Defense of Ukraine introduced a sanction against the pro-Russian politicians to whom the station belonged.

The Pentagon on a “large-scale Russian provocation”

For many years, the Russians have used the rhetoric that the citizens of this country in Ukraine are “oppressed” and are called “enemies of Ukraine”. As the Pentagon points out, this is part of a large-scale Russian provocation.

US intelligence warned in early February of Russia’s plans. As it was claimed, the Russians intended to fabricate an attack by Ukrainian forces on Russia or the regions of Ukraine inhabited by Russians. Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said that Everything will be recorded, after which the materials will be used as an excuse to attack Kiev.

The specter of the Russian invasion of Ukraine

The Russians gathered more than 130,000. Soldiers on the border with Ukraine. For weeks there has been talk of a possible invasion of Russia.

Putin is striving to create a world power, and the West must realize that after Ukraine, the time will come for the Baltic states. We are just the beginning! On Sunday, Mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko said that during talks with Vladimir Putin, Olaf Shultz and other country leaders should clarify one thing: our country will defend itself against the attack, and the consequences will be dire.

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