On Thursday, more Omicron infections were recorded in Warsaw and Gdansk. The Ministry of Health reported that nearly 17,000 people in Poland were infected with the coronavirus in the last day. People. The record in this regard was set in Great Britain, where there were 120 thousand jobs. new cases. Further restrictions have been introduced in several European countries.

Today’s Report – We summarize the most important information about the coronavirus pandemic and its consequences.

More than 17 thousand infections of the new corona virus

  • On Thursday, the Ministry of Health reported that we have 17,156 new confirmed cases of coronavirus.
  • As it is added, 616 patients died last day;
  • There are currently 22,543 people infected with COVID-19 in hospitals, including 2,080 patients connected to ventilators;
  • 31,923 beds and 2,885 ventilators have been equipped in hospitals for COVID-19 patients.

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Subsequent infections with the Omikron mutation in Poland

  • eight more cases of the Omikron variant in Poland;
  • Those affected live in Warsaw and Gdansk.
  • In total, 15 cases of the novel coronavirus mutation have been reported in Poland;
  • Infection with the new coronavirus outbreak comes from a school center in Gdansk and a kindergarten center in Warsaw.

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Infection and mortality among vaccinated people in Poland

  • 2.13 percent of people fully vaccinated against COVID-19 have been infected;
  • Of the total deaths of people infected with the Corona virus 9.41%. They were vaccinated.
  • 57,393 people infected with coronavirus have died with the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine;
  • The death toll in fully vaccinated subjects 14 days after the full dose was 5,404;
  • Since the start of vaccination with the second dose of SARS-CoV-2 in Poland, 2,528,067 people have been infected;
  • There were 446,710 cases of infection among those fully vaccinated 14 days after the full dose.

Record of injury in Great Britain

  • On the last day in the UK, the number of detected coronavirus infections was 119,789;
  • Hospitals warn of increasing number of patients;
  • Many industries and transport networks in the UK are understaffed;
  • In the past seven days, 678,165 people were infected with it.
  • In the past 24 hours, 147 people have died of Covid-19 in Great Britain.

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Lithuanian MPs who do not have a Covid passport will not enter the House of Representatives

  • From January, MPs will only be able to enter the Lithuanian Parliament by presenting a Covid passport;
  • The amendment to the bylaws of the Lithuanian party on Thursday was supported by 89 deputies in the 141-seat parliament.
  • Representatives must lead by example – said the Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Viktorija Czmilyte-Nielsen;
  • In Lithuania, there are about 2,000 daily jobs. new infections.

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New restrictions in Greece and Belgium

  • In Greece, public gatherings for Christmas and New Year have been canceled;
  • The obligation to wear masks has also returned;
  • In Belgium, all large events and indoor activities will be banned;
  • The ban applies mainly to cinemas, concert halls and theaters;
  • Exceptions are competitions and sports activities that can be held indoors and outdoors;
  • Museums and libraries will remain open.

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Austria imposes new restrictions. New Year’s Eve with curfew

  • – We know Omikron runs fast. That is why we are trying to act quickly – declared GECKO President Katharina Reich;
  • Building hours will be shortened;
  • Great Britain, the Netherlands, Denmark and Norway – those coming from these countries will be subject to mandatory quarantine;
  • The curfew will be maintained.

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The policeman used a false confirmation to vaccinate against COVID-19

  • a German police officer who was using a forged passport;
  • An official in Munich was suspended from office;
  • Munich police have been asking their employees for a Covid passport or negative test result for several weeks;
  • Investigation into this is ongoing;
  • Such a crime can be punished with imprisonment.

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Today’s party: Berliners play with masks at the Christmas market

At the Christmas market on Alexanderplatz in Berlin, people play with face masks that cover their mouths and nose. The restrictions introduced in Germany are intended to limit the prevalence of the Omikron variant.

PAP / Environmental Protection Agency
Berliners have fun at the Christmas market during the coronavirus pandemic

ap / ml / polsatnews.pl

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