April 1, 2023


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Mateusz Demicky appeared shirtless.  No trace of Goldenie

Mateusz Demicky appeared shirtless. No trace of Goldenie

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Matthews Damicsky In the movie “Furioza” by Cyprien T. “I’ve been waiting and working all my life to play gold. So far, I’ve done everything the film producers expected of me – to make Matthews beautiful and smiling. And at some point I decided to hit the table and do something completely different ”- he said in an interview with“ Gazeta Wrocławska ”. PHe went to the gym for six months to sculpt his body And make him all become the character he embodied in. Now the actor has shown new photos of him standing shirtless. It seems that the daily workouts in the gym are now forgotten.

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Mateusz Damiski without a shirt on vacation

Speaking about “Furiozy”, Mateusz Damići has repeatedly emphasized that while preparing for the role, He devoted his whole life to creating gold. He exercised twice a day for an hour and a half.

– he told “Gazeta Wrocławska”.

“Furioza” was created in 2021. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the premiere waited much longer. After the shooting is completed, Mateusz Damićki can abandon such repetitive and exhausting training. After he posted new vacation photos, it can be inferred that he did just that.

Written on social media.

The actor can only be seen in photos posted on the web In swimming trunks with crocodile head inflatable loop on the waist. Many people have noticed that the look from “Furiozy” has become a thing of the past, but everyone appreciates Mateusz Damiski’s sense of humor.

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