Prince Charming Final.  Chosen by the Gay Prince of TVN!

“Prince Charming” Final It was full of many surprises. At first, the prince unexpectedly got rid of Oscar, whom he thanked during the boat trip.

Olor Kubik and Marek remained independent in the match. It was not known until the end who the prince would choose, because he had a unique connection with each of them.

Finally, Jacek thanked Marek and pointed to OliwerWith whom he was supposed to feel a more special relationship.

It turns out that their relationship continues. The same photos appeared on their Instagram profiles immediately after the final match aired.

“Finally, we can show off our first pictures together. We’ve spent the past 167 days hiding in the privacy of our home, so as not to reveal to anyone the end of our joint adventure in Prince Charming. From today, we can finally leave the house together, without hood and dark glasses, pretending That we are courier – solemnly together ”- we read under the picture.

After the show ended, a special episode was announced in which all the participants would meet and tell what was going on with them.

The fragment contained a statement by the Prince who admitted there was “consumption” with Oliver the following day.

Do you think their relationship will last?

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