Andy Serkis presents 'Animal Farm'
After more than a decade of preparation, Andy Serkis has finally made his way. The director of “Mowgli: Legends of the Jungle” and “Venom 2: Carnage” is currently filming a new adaptation of George Orwell’s classic novel Animal Farm.

“Animal Farm”: details of the new adaptation

The challenging journey to finally bring this extraordinary story to screen has been rewarded with the opportunity to work with fantastic teams from the manufacturing companies Aniveventure and Cinesite. – Serkis admitted in an official statement – Together, we hope our version of Orwell’s current masterpiece will always be deeply emotional, intelligent, and appropriate for audiences of all ages. A story not only for our time, but also for future generations.

The new “Animal Farm” has been implemented in the form of a computer animation. The script was written by Nicholas Stoller (“Storks”, “The Muppets”). Serkis also serves as Project Producer in partnership with Dave Rosenbaum, Jonathan Cavendish, and Adam Nagle. As the latter says, Since George Orwell published Animal Farm in 1945, its history remains relevant and is a key tool for understanding how the world works. Andy has a special talent for creating unique and memorable characters. We are excited to be working with him, Jonathan and Cinesite on adapting Animal Farm for a modern audience.

Animal Farm is one of the most famous novels of the 20th century. Orwell’s allegorical book was the result of a bitter disappointment with socialism, particularly with the dictatorship of Joseph Stalin. The story is caught up in the rebellion of the animals that live on Mr. Jones’ farm. Creatures demand equal and fair treatment, not just exploitation and death. When the owner leaves the farm, the pigs take over. Residents of Animal Farm are temporarily enjoying the changes, the new laws in place are in full compliance with them, and the joint work of rebuilding where they live is going well. Dreams of a safe and peaceful life under equality seem more realistic, but the situation is slowly changing. One pig kills the other leader, and he becomes a tyrant and the only legitimate leader. Things are not going well on Animal Farm. Farm owners may change, but the system remains the same. Animals are equal and…more equal. Terror, aggression and re-exploitation are introduced for the benefit of only one person. However, it cannot take long, as the farm collapses and is devastated. Animal farm residents are tired and hungry, so they let people take care of them. So the authorities are taking over again, and the “four good legs, bad legs” rule turns into “good four legs, better legs.” The conquest of power is celebrated, the animals are equal, and they find with horror that there are no differences between pigs and humans. But hasn’t it been like that all the time? (Publisher Description)

Orwell’s novel has been adapted twice so far. The first film, produced in the form of an animated film, appeared on the screens in 1954. The premiere of the second – combining the game of live actors with CGI – took place in 1999.

Trailer for “Mowgli: The Legend of the Jungle”

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