“MasterChef Québec”: Who are the four candidates still competing?

Sandra, Pierre-Yves, Meriam and Fatwa are the last candidates still competing in the cooking competition. MasterChef Quebec. Here is a brief summary of their journey.


Encouraged by her friends to post photos of her meals on social networks, Sandra developed a real expertise in the art of presentation, “We eat with our eyes first,” she recalls.

“Before entering the competition, I thought my Achilles heel was sweets, but in the end I won a lot of challenges with sweets. Maybe I should do more,” the food analyst said with a laugh.

“I think I have a tile ghost. I've tried making multiple tiles in the match and they always fail. In my opinion, it's tiles in Masterchef, my ghost,” he added.

Sandra in the “MasterChef Quebec” kitchen.

Photo provided by TVA

Not competitive by nature, Sandra remembers from her time on the show the great team spirit that reigned on the set and the brotherly bonds created among the candidates.

“We formed a really strong bond in a short period of time with people we didn't know but were going through the same thing. That's really the best part of the competition.


Pierre-Yves, a fish specialist, was keen to go far enough to work with seafood. During the bidding challenge last week, he surprised the judges with his plate of king crab ravioli, one of his favorites of the season.

Fadwa, Meriem and Pierre-Yves during Sébastien Benoît's auction on “MasterChef Québec”.

Photo provided by TVA

The restaurant challenge was also one of his standout moments, with the candidate describing himself as a “team guy”.

“I do wonders in anything, but the pressure to perform for the judges and the little time we have, for me, it was the most difficult challenge of my adventure,” he said in an interview.

Since its publication, the man who has earned the reputation of “Mr. Protein” says he now works a little more with vegetables and has learned to better recover from his fat-laden kale.

Pierre-Yves is very proud to be recognized today as a representative of his region.

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Considered the mom of the group, Meriam won immunity three times during the competition. The judges recognized his stuffed squid dish as one of the best of the season.

“The judges thought my dish was worth $50,000, and that was definitely my best moment for me,” she said in an interview.

Although the candidate was sometimes clumsy with a knife, her resilience, speed and composure made Miriam a quiet force in the kitchen.

Photo provided by TVA

“The hardest part for me was the other candidates leaving. […] But otherwise sweets, I think that is my dream,” said the academician.

Although she lacked inspiration at times, above all, Merriam realized the importance of cooking in her life.

“I am proud of the first edition of Masterchef And I was happy to participate as a Quebecer. We have our own version and I am proud that we have been able to represent it as well as we can,” he said.


Highly skilled at working with spices and incorporating flavors into her recipes, Fatwa stood out for the elegance of the dishes she presented during the competition.

Her biggest win was winning the mystery box challenge honoring spices.

Fatwa in the kitchen of “MasterChef Québec”.

Photo provided by TVA

One of the most moving moments was undoubtedly the Childhood Flavors Mystery Box challenge. Fatwa surprised the judges with his rabbit, which reminded him of Morocco, but also of the city where he lived for so long.

“It was a beautiful moment, but there were still a lot of emotions to deal with all the stress I had at the time,” he said, adding that his mother accompanied him during the match to cheer him on.

“Every week, we told her to postpone her return flight. But right after the adventure, mom left two days later,” she said with a smile.

The fatwa was particularly touched by Sister Angel; His energy, his exuberance and his cooking style.

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