February 4, 2023


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TVA makes last minute changes to my 5 people schedule

TVA makes last minute changes to my 5 people schedule

This week we’ve got to see Vanessa’s romantic adventures I have 5 peopleBut last minute changes had to be made to the TVA schedule.

We decided to give the week of 45-year-old Julie, a mother of two teenagers.

Vanessa said on the chat site for the show: “ Due to unclear circumstances, my broadcast week will be postponed “.

By digging a little into social networks, we find that Vanessa may have had a problem with one of her lawyers.

TVA did not comment on the situation. The post announcing Vanessa’s week was removed from the broadcaster’s Facebook page this morning.

Here is a summary of the week’s episodes:

Monday : Julie, 45, the mother of a teenager, gets five singles to find love. At the end of this first day, the bachelor must leave home. A difficult choice based on first impressions only.

Tuesday : Cohabitation begins and 4 people try to get Julie’s attention. All ways are good to stand apart from others, so everyone goes their own way. One of the guys does too much and it’s not happy.

Wednesday : On the third day and Julie continues her quest to end her celibacy. One of the three boys, convinced that Julie is the right one for him, decides to play everything and goes there in a clumsy way to unpack his bag for him.

Thursday: Julie’s decisive day to choose with whom the future is possible. The two boys are interesting for different reasons, and Julie needs her sister’s opinion to help her see things more clearly and make choices.

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