Iga Svetek defeated Camila Giorgi in the third round of the tournament in Miami

Iga Svetek – Kamila Giorgi 6:1, 6:1

The fight between Świątek and Giorgi was supposed to take place on Friday, but due to heavy rain, it was postponed to Saturday.

Camila Giorgi

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There were also weather problems that day. Our player was supposed to play around 8:30 p.m. Finally, I entered court after 11 pm our time.


Świątek during training in Miami

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A great start to Christmas

It started off great for Świątek, because it was a huge accomplishment. The Italian made so many mistakes with her pass that she lost it. The Polish Express in Miami had started. In an instant, the top ranked player won match No. 2, finishing it with a stunning backhand kick. 2-0 to start. It was great, then better.

The Italian was constantly having problems with her serve. She recorded her fifth double fault after the first 15 minutes of play. At this level it is unforgivable. For Svetek, this was grist for the mill. She was ahead 3-0. Three matches and two breaks for the WTA leader.

Iga's career was well underway. She won the next match with a score of zero. The Italian looked helpless, and her expression looked as if she wanted to end the match. She pulled herself together. She finally got something going, finally with her statement. Then she greatly frightened the leader and surprised her with her strength and accuracy. It was close to breaking through. With a perfect backhand, Świątek didn't even back down. Giorgi was already 40-0, but not with Iga in those numbers. She made up for the losses and went to 5:1. She finished the 37-minute first game with a forehand down the line. Precision and class.


Świątek is unstoppable

Photo: Polish Press Agency

Świątek followed suit

The picture of the match did not change in the second set. Both tennis players held their serves until the fourth game, until the Italian dropped again (another double serve error!) and allowed herself a break. Świątek was unstoppable, aggressive, and very fast, and she kept sending the ball to one side and then to the other side of the court, forcing her opponent to run. It worked. She was already leading 3:1.

After three more matches without much history, with another break from your lips, the match was over. Complete control of number 1 among tennis players. 6:1, 6:1.

Giorgi's nightmare lasted an hour and seven minutes. Świątek is in the third round, and her next opponent will be Linda Noskova. The Czech tennis player defeated Russian Maria Timofeeva 6:4, 6:4.

Švetek-Nuskova match on Friday. The time is not yet known.

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