Do you remember “The Blair Witch Project”?  The main actress changes her name.  I can't believe what he's doing today

“The Blair Witch Project” is one of the most famous horror films in the world. It was produced in 1999 and tells the story of three students. In the production, the characters go into the woods in Maryland in search of the legendary Blair Witch, who created the project. Main plot film It was the fact that friends disappeared and their recording was found a year later. The horror film was particularly terrifying given that a tape containing disturbing material is the core of the production. One of the main characters was Heather Donahue. After many years, the actress was never heard from again. how is she?

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Poland also has a “Blair Witch Project.” This is a terrifying forest in Witkovich

She appeared in the horror film “Blair Witch Project”. Years later, she had to change her name

Heather Donahue played one of the main characters in the horror film “Blair Witch Project.” The woman gained fame mainly through a single scene in which she apologizes in close-up and pleads for an end to the trauma associated with a trip to the forest. After the huge success of the production, Heather appeared in other films for some time. In 2008, she put her career on hold and focused on growing medical marijuana. The woman was not happy with the crying teenager's “patch” from the horror movie who had become permanently attached to her. In addition, she has abandoned her real name and currently works under the pseudonym Rei Hance. The former actress is also active on social media and hosts her own podcast. It is undeniable that she no longer resembles the heroine of a cult film. For more photos of the “The Blair Witch Project” star, please visit our gallery at the top of the page.

The promotion for “The Blair Witch Project” was extraordinary. Everyone thought the heroes were dead

When talking about The Blair Witch Project, we can't forget the unprecedented marketing. The campaign relied mainly on creating the impression that the story was true. The film itself took only eight days to produce. In total, more than 20 hours of material were recorded. In addition, the actors improvised the lines they said on set to add authenticity to the production. The Internet helped with the promotional campaign. Fake certificates, police reports and advertisements for missing children were published. As a result, viewers were unsure whether they were watching a supernatural recording or just a directorial film. See also: Shelley Duvall played Wendy in “The Shining.” I retired from acting 20 years ago. See what it looks like today

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