"Black Adam" flops in theaters.  The movie will incur huge financial losses

The prestigious Variety portal published the detailed financial results of the film Black AdamWhich indicates that it is one of the biggest commercial failures of the year. It was not possible to make even a minimal amount of revenue from the sale of cinema tickets, which would allow to compensate for the costs of production and promotion.

Black Adam – financial results

Currently, the film has grossed $387 million at the box office globally, and is expected to end this way at $400 million. However, the show cost $195 million to produce, and Warner Bros. Spent 80-100 million dollars on global promotion.

We have to remember that box office receipts are not movie profits. Of this amount a certain percentage goes into the pockets of the producers. According to market analysts, the film needed to collect $600 million worldwide to break even. Various sources say that after the broadcast ended in cinemas Black Adam will cause between $50 million and $100 million in losses. Here they refer to people from the industry who have inside knowledge.

Their informants from Warner Bros. He says the movie will be finished even when it collects $400 million. However, experts point out that, given these costs, this is unlikely. This is why these people add that the movie will eventually break even when it hits PVOD platforms in December 2022, i.e. services where you have to pay a certain amount to rent a movie for 48 hours to watch it. Promotion costs after a short stay in cinemas are minimal here and they estimate that thanks to this they will make up for the lack of revenue from cinemas. However, according to Variety and their calculations, PVOD’s revenue is between $25 and $35 million, which isn’t going to help save Black Adam from financial losses.

Black Adam – will premiere on HBO Max on December 16, 2022.

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Black Adam is not listed, but there is one character from the movie.

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