Marvel Cinematic Universe: Worst movies and series

What a disgusting movie. It's rare to see something so ugly and lazy. Based on fantastic stories by Jason Aaron, the plot draws from them very superficially, without offering anything at all in return. Chris Hemsworth It seems to be on autopilot Natalie Portman She doesn't even pretend she was here for any reason other than the huge paycheck.

Taika Waititi Try to repeat the success of “Thor: Ragnarok”. I don't know if the director wanted to get rid of the hot potato as quickly as possible or if he gave up because of the speed of the production process. Plus, it's an incredible mess tonally. Goofy humor juxtaposes serious problems, which the director cannot reconcile. Just Russell Crowe As the fun Zeus he is, he's having the time of his life here.

It's really very bad here. The prequel to the adventures of Ant-Man and the Wasp was, to put it mildly, an unnecessary film. The goal of “Quantomania” was to introduce Kang the Conqueror, the universe's new antagonist. These plans were thwarted by the unsatisfactory financial results of subsequent films, strikes by actors and screenwriters, and condemnation. Jonathan Majors In a domestic violence case, Marvel fired him because of it.

The thing is, Kang isn't portrayed as a Thanos-level threat. The way Majors was behaving was extremely annoying. His alternating between histrionic whispering, sudden outbursts of anger, and hyperactive expression made it difficult to take him seriously. Furthermore, the film itself did not defend itself. The small world he was introduced into was simply ugly – grey, sad, and full of uninteresting creatures. However, Wasp, the main character in theory, had nothing to do here at all. The appeal of Paul Rudd and Bill Murray didn't help. This is by far the worst of all the movies in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Why wasn't it at the bottom of the list? Unfortunately for us, there are still series…

The Marvel series was rapidly losing quality. They were burdened by the length of the film, the length of the plot, and the narrative chaos. “Secret Invasion” was just a boring production. Infiltrating the world's most important institutions by a shape-shifting Skrull race is the subject of a very good thriller. Unfortunately, we get a shallow plot, the worst villain in history, an insulting send-off to several characters, and a really bad opening sequence. I recommend it to people who suffer from insomnia. I fell asleep at least twice during one episode.

The trailers for “Mr. She-Hulk” were terrifying with special effects. However, it couldn't prepare us for the chaos of the screenplay, the impossibility of properly executing a two-thread plot and the bad humour. Nothing helped Tatiana Maslany Starring and starring Charlie Cox and Tim Roth. “Mr. She-Hulk” is a semi-finished product that should not have been released in this form. The icing on the cake of despair is the final episode, which suggests that the creators are aware of the problems plaguing the cinematic universe – and have so far done nothing to fix them.

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