Gaming gadgets from China – cheap and practical.  Accessories for every budget

Nowadays, as gaming has become not only a form of entertainment but also an activity for professional gamers, setting up the right mode has become crucial.

However, not everyone has enough funds to invest in expensive equipment, accessories and tools. Fortunately, thanks to platforms like AliExpress, you can build a functional and aesthetic gaming station without spending a fortune.

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In this article I will present cheap and interesting accessories that allow you to create or expand the position of the player in front of the screen. So I have a few suggestions for you that are really good and worth considering, given their good, sometimes even great quality for a fraction of the price of their more expensive counterparts.. Do we begin?

Keyboard and mouse – the heart of the workstation

A mechanical keyboard and gaming mouse are the heart of every workstation. On AliExpress, you can find LED-backlit models that not only look great, but also provide the high responsiveness necessary for gaming. In case Yukunker G6 mice (12800 dpi) is a great option when it comes to quality and price (PLN 50-60). The mouse looks great (yellow, white and blue versions to choose from) and has good technical parameters. An alternative might be to be a little quieter in operation fork (3200 dpi) for 30 Polish zlotys. It has great reviews and at this price it’s hard to find something that looks good and works well.

Mokai MKA610

She can complete the whole thing MUCAI MKA610 mechanical keyboard Mini (PLN 80 or PLN 40 if this is your first purchase). It is durable, takes up little space on the desk, meets the requirements of a cheap and high-quality keyboard, and the entire keys can be replaced without the need for soldering (hot swapping). In addition, the appearance and RGB backlighting. It is similar to a much more expensive model, costing around PLN 400. substitute?

Personally (with these sizes) I only see one model – Macheniki K500A-B84. It has a larger number of keys (84) made of PBT material, including: resistance to “greasing” that appears after prolonged and intense use, and 6-color backlighting. TKL (TenKeyLess) provides a compact form factor while retaining essential keys. Moreover, just like its predecessor, it supports Hot-swap and also has a detachable USB-C cable, which is useful because if it is damaged, we do not lose the keyboard,


    Razer Black Shark V2

Good headphones are another item that can significantly improve the quality of the game. You’ll find many different models on AliExpress, but one of the best options is this Razer Black Shark V2 (2023) for PLN 140! Very good 7.1 surround sound, a good and quite adequate microphone, and a gaming look (four colors to choose from). At this price I think it’s one of the best headsets for both PC gamers and console gamers (PS4, PS5, Xbox One, XSX|S, Nintendo Switch).

Alternative is the cheaper alternative that receives great reviews Headphones from Onikuma. It’s not as good as Razer’s offering, but it will do its job perfectly while gaming. And the price of PLN 50 or PLN 28 (when ordering for the first time) should be more than encouraging.

For people looking for speakers, I have another offer, these are the ones that look great (RGB side lighting) and also sound very good (considering the price). Stereo from NEI – Black or white model to choose from. In this case, it is worth paying an extra penny to be able to connect them not only via cable, but also via Bluetooth. The price is about 80 PLN (white is cheaper).


Feed yourself

LED lighting around the desk or illuminated mouse pads are smart tools that add character to every workstation. On the Chinese site you will find a wide selection of LED lamps at very low prices that will allow you to create a unique atmosphere. But most of the products offered there are “colourful” in the description and photos, which translates into poor lighting. In the case of the mouse and keyboard pad, I recommend it Oppselve waterproof mat Dimensions: 30cm x 80cm x 4mm With built-in Qi inductive charger. It has an RGB LED backlight, and we get two in one – a mat and a charger for the PLN 62.

2835SMD Neon LED Strip

When it comes to LED lighting, I have already bought several on AliExpress and in Poland. When it comes to price and overall build quality, I recommend the 3 meter product 2835SMD Neon LED Strip. The Light is a little thicker than others, but thanks to that it is waterproof (IP65). Moreover, it shines very well and is strong, it can be cut, you will not find a better offer for PLN 30-40 for 3 meters – PLN 8-20 for 1 meter, and PLN 16-32 for 2 metres. The lack of an app is the only minus, but it “reflects” the colors much better (they are more intense) than the set I bought, for example the set from the Action store for PLN 120.

Additional tools

3D hologram

Let’s not forget the gadgets that can fit perfectly into the gaming station or form an interesting part of it. I will start From this 3D 3D image, based on rapidly rotating propellers. The effect is frankly amazing! We can create any 3D image, either by saving it to an SD card or via Wi-Fi via mobile app (Android/iOS). Images can change – there are many ways to control and tilt the view. Looks great! price? 140 Polish zloty. It is really worth spending a lot, because the effect on the desk leaves an amazing impression.


Another interesting and very cheap tool is Smart plug for tuya socket. Using it, we can not only monitor the amount of energy consumed, but we can also schedule the appliances and gadgets connected to it to turn on automatically (on specific days and hours) – there are many scenarios, for example, turning the lights on at a certain time and turning them off. We can also activate the socket remotely. We’ll set all this up remotely in an easy-to-use yet extensive mobile app (Android/iOS). The price of this small and useful tool is PLN 20.


The next gadget is mainly a 3.5-inch IPS screen HLFEC device that monitors the parameters of our computer. It displays RAM, CPU, GPU, hard disk usage, internet speed and much more in different color themes. Not only is it useful, but it also looks great on your desk. You can adjust the brightness of the image, change the background image with one click, and the gadget itself will launch automatically when you start the computer (auto startup). It currently costs less than PLN 30, but the promotion may end quickly, so I recommend ordering it today if you are interested (regular price is PLN 70).

HY300 projector

And if you’re tired of playing on screen, check it out This budget and cheap HY300 projector. It won’t break your pocket, and will provide you with a different, almost cinematic gaming experience (I mainly mean the projector size). It’s not the best projector in the world, but at this price it’s worth checking out if you can play or watch your favorite movies/series (Android 11 with a lot of apps to install) in a dark room in a large space. And it’s the size (up to 130 inches) and not the image quality (although that’s acceptable in the evening) that will make a big impression on you. Currently, you can buy it on sale for less than PLN 150, because when it runs out, its price will be more than PLN 200.


Setting up a gaming station doesn’t have to be expensive. Thanks to platforms like AliExpress, you can find cheap accessories and tools that allow you to enjoy the game at a high level without having to spend large amounts of money. Always remember to check other user reviews and read product descriptions carefully to avoid disappointment. Gaming is a passion that shouldn’t destroy your wallet!

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