Gaza strip.  Benjamin Netanyahu issued a statement.  Peace is not an option

In Cairo Talks are continuing between delegations Israel, Hamas, Egypt, the United States and QatarWith the aim of reducing the fighting in the Gaza Strip.

The intention of the Palestinian side is to achieve this “Comprehensive ceasefire” In the war-torn region, Hamas representatives confirmed on Sunday. But Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu set difficult conditions He commented sharply on the limits that his country would accept to reach an agreement.

Israel-Hamas. Benjamin Netanyahu: Ending the war means our surrender

– We cannot agree to Hamas’s demandsIn order to end the war and withdraw our forces from the Gaza Strip at the same time Leave this organization in power Netanyahu said.

The Prime Minister confirmed that he would agree to such conditions It would mean Israel’s surrender. – We will fight To achieve the goals of war – he stated firmly.

Benjamin Netanyahu added that Tel Aviv is able to agree to a temporary cessation of fighting in the Gaza Strip In exchange for the exchange of kidnapped hostages.

However, the Prime Minister’s position is some progress. On Wednesday, the politician certainly did that He denied this in a conversation with US Secretary of State Anthony BlinkenIt will agree to end the war with Hamas in exchange for an agreement to release the hostages.

The war in the Gaza Strip. Hamas seeks a comprehensive ceasefire

Meanwhile, the leader of Hamas Ismail Henija He said on Sunday that Palestinian fighters want to reach a “comprehensive ceasefire.” “It will put an end to Israeli aggression and ensure Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza.” – Reuters reports. In addition, he stressed that his organization wants to achieve this “A serious agreement on the exchange of hostages.”

In his statement Haniyeh also accused Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu And also about “the continuation of aggression and the expansion of the circle of conflict.” “Sabotage efforts This is done through various intermediaries and parties.

Nearly seven months since Israel launched its offensive in response to an October 7 Hamas attack that killed 1,200 people. The Gaza Strip is facing a humanitarian catastrophe. According to the Ministry of Health Palestine As a result of retaliation by Tel Aviv forces Nearly 35,000 died and thousands more were injured.

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