Martin Picard and Stefano Faida are at the center of “MasterChef” on TVA next winter

Friends in life, chefs Martin Picard and Stefano Faida will be at the center of the Quebec adaptation. MasterchefNext winter, Monday through Thursday, immediately broadcast by TVA Insecure.

Together with Quebecor content, two judges will judge this innovation produced by Pixcom.

They will propose tests, manage the competition and evaluate the contestants’ dishes, rather than the people behind the ovens, who own the restaurants and are essential figures. Small screen with many successful shows.

Stefano Faida

Photo by Julie Perrault courtesy of TVA

Stefano Faida

The sought-after Sunday cooks must insist on making a good tartare or a good braise, but beyond talent in the kitchen, production is looking for people with personality and determination.

Directed by Guillaume St-Arnaud, the winner will be awarded $50,000 in addition to the MasterChef trophy at the end of the first season of 52 half-hour episodes.Get me out of here!) and produced by Marie-Ave Caribe.

It is noteworthy that nearly 70 versions have been filmed worldwide based on the concept developed by Banijai in the United Kingdom. It’s telling how Quebec had its own adaptation. Over 500 seasons have been filmed across the planet for a total of over 10,000 episodes.

“Bixcom is delighted to have Martin Picard and Stefano Faida serving as judges on the production. Masterchef. Their role will guide participants through their individual journeys while honoring their progress. They will be a source of inspiration for excellence and tireless perseverance!” Pixcom’s executive producers Nicola Merola and Charles LaFortune also appear. Insecure.

At the launch of TVA programming, Charles LaFortune noted that 3,000 people had already signed up. “There are 135 [profils] If we’re really interesting, we’ll audition,” he said.

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