“It'll Go Far”: Carl Tremblay won't be replaced by artificial intelligence to finish their new album

Cowboys Fringeants considered using artificial intelligence on some of the songs on their new album, which Carl Tremblay didn't have time to record before his death. “But we decided not to go there, it would be going too far,” Jean-Francois Basse said in a new episode of the podcast. Cottage in Jean-Carl.

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The highly-anticipated new Cowboys Fringeants album will be out in March, the songwriter announced. Carl's discussion with longtime friends computer scientist Marc Desjardins and lighting designer Jean-Francois “Titi” Dangrade mentioned on the podcast that the group still plans studio sessions for February 3rd and 4th.

“After that, it will be a question of mixing. Our director, Gus Van Gogh, is very busy. I don't know when he'll have time to mix it. We'll try to get it out in late winter or early spring.”

Marc Desjardins and Jean-François “Titi” Tancrède were Jean-François Pauzé's guests on Le shack à Jean-Karl, a podcast focusing on Karl Tremblay from Cowboys Fringeants.

Screenshot courtesy of Patreon Jean-Carl

A striking technique

Jean-François Pauzé noted that the album will contain 12 songs, including two or three instrumental tracks. “It makes the album hold up really well.” At most, there will be five or six songs written to music Pub Royal.

“Carl had time to record them in their entirety except for the two I had to do,” the guitarist noted. married [Annick Lépine] He also composed a song. I sang a duet with Mary and also solo because Karl didn't have time…”

Jean-François Pauzé says that, unusually, for fun in the studio, he sang a song, and through an artificial intelligence program, they replaced his voice with Carl's. “It was still a startled cry! he said. But we told ourselves that it was Touchable (Soft). Even then my voice became Carl's voice. It was beautiful at the same time. Carl loved technology. But we decided not to go there [en l’utilisant pour l’album]That will go a long way.”

Very touching song

The disc will have a pulsating song Let it show wellIt was written by Pauzé Pub Royal There are many similarities to what Carl experienced in his last months. On the podcast Cottage in Jean-Carl, the songwriter said he didn't know how to get Carl to listen to the song after writing it. In the end it was taken care of by Marie-Anne. Not only did Carl like the song, he agreed to sing it for the album.

“I never spoke [de cette chanson] With Carl before the day he signed up, Jean-Francois said […] It is very beautiful. He did it a little differently [de la version dans Pub Royal]. She is calm. He is a Mood He was a guy at the end of his life when he recorded it. It is very touching. There is some weakness in his voice.

Elsewhere in the episode, which is only available to paid subscribers on the Patreon platform, Jean-François Pauzé said that despite the illness, Carl Tremblay always had hope that he would pull through. “The shows we had to postpone 10 times in Europe, we didn't want to cancel them. I think he always wanted to have a goal, a goal. I think he believed in that until the end.

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