June 11, 2023


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Did Frederic Legrand really die defenseless? His translator Martin-David Peters tickles us.

Many viewers still wonder if the treacherous Me Frederic Legrand is really dead. Insecure. We talked about it here: Many sharp minds among the loyal public of the TVA daily newspaper have concluded that the lawyer-turned-criminal who was murdered (or tried to…) by bullets before the holidays, probably isn’t really dead.

More skeptics believe that the not-so-sympathetic Legrand may have simply orchestrated the plot to escape one of his (many) enemies, some emerging in the criminal world. Could he be hiding somewhere?

Not to silence rumours, Me Frédéric Legrand’s translator Martin-David Peters added a layer in an interview. Showbizz.netEarlier this week, it was hinted that its protagonist might return in September.

You must watch the last episode. The last chapter is important. It remains a mystery. My character died, but we didn’t see him die; Many people wonder that “, before continuing, let the performer circle:

By the time the first season ends, we’ll have an official answer to this… »

Designer and supervisor of the production teamInsecure At Pixcom, Izabel Chevrier, It is said here Showbizz.net The season finale will be stunning, and “ A terrible impact on the company Lapointe-Macdonald. Here, Martin-David Peters tells how he learned his dark (or not…) fate of Me Legrand.

Also, Martin-David Peters as Maitre Frédéric Legrand, who portrays his role superbly. Insecure He found himself nominated at the recent Zapettes d’or ceremony It’s just TV In the more or less coveted category of Infamous Person of the Year. He unfortunately bowed to another “villain” last Friday – Learn which ones here -, but “honor” did not please him.

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People always tell me they want to hate me. That, to me, is very, very flattering. Everyone says he’s a “bad guy”, but I loved him, that guy! (Laughs) I had to protect him despite his flaws. He made bad choices, but I’ll always say he’s not the worst in the series! »

Martin-David Peters has been one of our hottest actors in recent years, starring in several series (fragile, black beast, Then, Plan B, The Brotherhood, The Man Who Loved Much, Get Me Out of Me, The Little Kings, Audrey Came Back, My Mother, Complete High School, etc.), will soon be kept under wraps as part of the new plan, which will be announced soon. The man says he enjoys being considered for a variety of different roles.

I was really lucky. As an actor, it’s good not to be put in a box, I’ve never been given a stereotype. I’m cute. »

From February 23 to March 3, 2024 he will be seen at the Théâtre du Nouveau Monde (TNM) for six performances only. My name is Muhammad Ali, a historical work consisting of a monologue divided into eight actors. In number, apart from Martin-David Peters, Fayol Jean Jr., English major, Wythemill Normill and Rodley Pit. In My name is Muhammad Ali, an actor about to enter the stage engages in conversation with a famous American boxer. The lines attributed to Muhammad Ali in the story are taken from actual quotes made by the legendary man in lectures and interviews during his lifetime. ” It’s really inspiring stuff. Muhammad Ali was a great boxing champion, but in his society, he had to fight for dignity and respect. In the ring he had his fists, but in life he had his voice, taking his place and making himself heard. Even today, we should not be afraid to express ourselves and be heard Martin-David Peters says. The show, written by Congolese writer Dieudonné Niangouna, has previously been presented in other contexts in Montreal, notably at the TransAmériques and Theater de Quat’Sous festival. For more information, see TNM website.

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