Peaceful New Year's Day than expected

For the second year in a row, Quebec will be partially handed over to make the transition to the new year.

Many had to cancel their New Year’s Eve after the announcement of new health measures. Groups of six, all of whom are forced to confine themselves to their family bubble.

Thus Karen Clutter spends her solitary confinement at her hotel in Montreal. Not the dream evening, but for Ms. Clutter it will be even easier than last year.

“Last year, it was so hard! My partner was on the other side of the border, the boundaries were closed, and I switched my mother to CHSLD,” he explains.

“This year it’s, ‘Well, what can we do to make it more enjoyable and enjoyable?’ I’m going to call my mom at dinner, that’s all. “

Although the Cubs are going to celebrate 2022 at home, they can’t stop spicing up with wine or bubbles or a hearty meal in the evening.

“We are making small arrangements for the next few days,” said a citizen who met with TVA Nouvelles.

“A good bottle of bubbles arrived today, so I’m going to pick it up. I’m going alone with my girlfriend today, ”says another.

Although many show regression, psychologists are still concerned about the mental health of Cubs.

“We are very concerned. Withdrawal from activities is sure to have a major impact on mental health,” says psychologist Kareen Gaudier.

At such times, she recommends having fun.

“Even if you really do not want to, you should do something as special as possible. It could be ordering food or creating something you really like.”

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