Marjo provokes many reactions with her extravagant appearance, which ends the week well

Singer Marjo is one of Quebec’s rock icons. The beast of the stage is known to be energetic and serious even at the age of 69!

Marjo has been busy lately with her many projects.

In fact, he is currently one of the four coaches at La Voix 2023. Despite the criticism he had to face from the start, he stayed true to himself!

Recently, Marjo visited the It Ends Well the Week set to chat with Julie Belanger and Jean-Michel Unctil. And it was a good interview!

Marjo’s appearance has caused a lot of reactions on social networks. The rocker wore a cute tan dress that showed off her legs. She was classy!

Here’s what Weekends had to say about Marjo:

“Marjo, still rocking ⚡️

This girl is simply radiant and brings joy to life. This is the definition of “age is a number”!

This week ends well ✨
Friday at 7pm on @tvareseau and TVA+ »

Here are the photos it shared from the week of Marjo’s sizzling appearance on the show… and how about her cute smile in photo #2!

Here are all the photos to view below by scrolling with the arrows below each image:

1Marjo This is a good end to the week

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