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What will happen in this”? Turkish soap opera “Sadakatsiz” has established itself as one of the weekend favorites on the small screen. The 20th episode of the series, starring Cansu Dere, Caner Cindoruk and Melis Sezen, will be screened this Sunday, January 16th, and for fans who want to know what can be found in fiction, we will tell you about the most important moments in the story of Asia. Will bring. Volken and Derin.

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Undoubtedly, the It appeared in an innovative programming and as the weeks went by, it was integrated into one of the most watched within the competition.

Plot “Betrayed”Has been around Dr. Asia, With her husband, who thinks she has the right family Volcano And his son There. However, if she finds a golden hair in her partner’s scarf, her truth will be shattered, which is the first sign of the end of their relationship.

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The Hero, This way, you will design one Revenge Who were called by her husband and her friends and who had known for a long time about her adventure Architect. Turkish soap opera “Dr. Foster”De la BBC.

Sinan and Asia on a walk in Istanbul. (Photo: Medyapim)

5 key moments of “Infiel” to be found in Antenna 3 in Spain

5. The price of a silence

In Upcoming chapters on “Unfitful”, Airing on Antenna 3 in Spain on Sunday, January 16th, Heart Wants to keep that secret Father of Haluk Selkak Therefore, will provide Hygron He was a huge sum to leave Dekirtak without saying anything about it. She, almost offended, makes it clear that she will never take your money and does not want to divulge that information.

Chelsea wondered before a revelation about his appearance.  (Photo: Medyapim)
Chelsea wondered before a revelation about his appearance. (Photo: Medyapim)

4. The Secret of Hygron

Later, Hikran meets Hall again and asks him to reconcile once. Go to And he begins to take seriously his role as a father he has never done before. The conversation becomes more intimate, especially when she reveals the reason for her return to Chelsea life: because He still has some time to live Due to an illness.

Hygron S. Interpreta bor la Actris by Nilgün Türksever.  (Photo: Medyapim)
Hygron S. Interpreta bor la Actris by Nilgün Türksever. (Photo: Medyapim)

3. Asya’s Grand Illusion

Another time the story will focus Asia, Who will accept without guessing New date with Sinan, A college friend who has come back to his life to sweeten it up. The close acquaintances of the old acquaintances will also be known and commented on by the Neighbors and the City Women’s Association. துர்கே He will feel displaced by the intruder.

Sinan and Asia on a date during the Turkish soap opera "Unfaithful".  (Photo: Medyapim)
Sinan and Asia on a date during the Turkish soap opera “Unfightful”. (Photo: Medyapim)

2. Volken’s jealousy

Similarly, the news of Asya’s new magic will reach the ears Volcano. The architect will realize some Jealousy Very strong knowing that he will have a new date with his ex-wife Sinan.

Volken in rage while talking on cell phone.  (Photo: Medyapim)
Volken in rage while talking on cell phone. (Photo: Medyapim)

1. The irresponsibility of Chelsea

What else, Terin will host a big event In support of underprivileged children through its new store. She has already reconciled with Volken and she is on track to ensure that her family does not split up. But despite that, Chelsea will surprise guests When he appears, drunk, and reveals to everyone that Hall is his father, before the astonishing sight Heart.

Celsuk in one chapter "Unfaithful".  (Photo: Medyapim)
Celsuk in the episode “Unfitful”. (Photo: Medyapim)

Who is Sinan Thaskiran?

Sinan Thaskiran has come into the life of Asia as a breath of hope, She lives, drowning between her son’s and Volken’s lies. That guy is the doctor’s old acquaintance and seems ready to beat her.

After coming up with a surprise in your advice, Sinan asks him to talk about how they have not seen each other in so many years.. First they go out to have coffee. Then they have a week off and finally they have a wonderful weekend walk around town. Only Sinan Thaskiran was able to accomplish all this when he returned to the city. And Asia is very happy about it.

Asia and Sinan have some romantic moments of talking and laughing as they walk around the city. At dinner, the man instructs them to go spend time together Weekend in Istanbul. Ali is now in a camp with the school and she has more freedom to go. Although she is skeptical at this point, the doctor agrees to the plan.

However, the illusion ends when Volken appears. The man finds his ex-wife dating another man and, blinded by jealousy and anger, goes to meet her. When he sees them at the hotel where they are staying, he approaches Asia and demands ownership. Seeing that the architect is not calm, Thaskiran intervenes and asks him to calm down, but in return buys a punch in the face. Both move towards the hands in the middle of the doctor.

Yes OK The story of Sinan Thaskiran has not been told yet, Its growth is expected in the next episodes of Turkish soap opera. Also, many people are surprised Where do you know Asia? How excited is the doctor about your presence? If you want to know more about the man who returned the smile to the protagonist, do not miss the “unfit” of Antenna 3.

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How old is the Gansu chariot?

Consu Dereu is 41 years old.. He was born on October 14, 1980 in Ankara. His family are Turks who immigrated from Greece and Bulgaria. He completed his primary and secondary education in Izmir, where he lived with his family. Later, as we mentioned above, he began his higher studies in the field of archeology at the University of Istanbul.

At one point it was said that the actress was actually born in Armenia, not in Turkey. This version was later denied by Consu Dere, revealing that he was born in Ankara and that his father was of Bulgarian descent and his mother was of Istanbul.

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