Megan Markle is worried about how she will use her title of Duchess

In the United States, Prince Harry’s wife has been asked by a government expert to use her title with caution.

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It has been almost two years since Prince Harry and Megan Markle left the British royal family and lived in the United States with their son Archie, and although they did not operate in the United Kingdom, Lovebirds (little Lilliput’s parents a few months ago) may still use their official titles: Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

A government expert advises the Duchess to use caution in her US plans.

“I think Megan has growing ambitions,” Jonathan Sassertotti told The Mirror Online.

According to the expert, the former actress has more ambitions than the ambitions of a politician, and the result she says is “strategic, especially reminding everyone that she is the Duchess of Sussex’.

As a reminder, Megan encouraged senators to vote for a paternity leave extension in the United States last November under the title Duchess.

In general, the Royal Protocol requires its members to be politically neutral, but Prince Harry and Megan Markle have long distanced themselves from this rule.

“She has every right to use her title, but I think she should think carefully about using her title and any connection between family, especially when she is heavily involved in politics, especially in the United States,” the expert continued.

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