April 1, 2023


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The German school system is in deep crisis

Federal Education Minister Bettina Stark Watzinger (FDP) on Sunday called for major reforms to the school and education system. “The German education system is in a deep crisis that affects all of us,” the minister admitted in an interview with Bild am Sonntag. Representatives of politics, the world of economics and civil society will gather on Tuesday in Berlin for a summit dedicated to education.

Germany is in crisis. There is a shortage of doctors, teachers, workers …

According to dw.com – Germany is reaching its limits in many areas. Are our western neighbors able to get out of …

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It’s time to address the structural issues. It will only work with a new form and a new culture of cooperation, with all the participants. Stark Watzinger explained.

As emphasized by the Welt daily portal, changes in the German education system are often hindered by the various privileges enjoyed by the federal, state and local governments. “In Germany there are 16 different school systems, curricula and examination regulations” – explained Rhea Schroeder, education policy spokesperson for the Free Democratic Party in the Bundestag, criticizing the different educational requirements in individual federal states.

As acknowledged by the Minister of Education, it is especially necessary to increase the pace of activities in the field of digitization. Money from the PLN fund of PLN 5 billion for this purpose “was already planned, but did not reach the schools in sufficient amounts”, which was due, among other things, to excessive bureaucracy.

It lacks not only digitization

The minister also drew attention to the poor condition of several school buildings. “There are gaps not only in digitization, but also with regard to health facilities or gyms. She emphasized that investment arrears must be compensated in parallel with digitization.

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Kai Gering, Chairman of the Education Committee of the Bundestag, declared in an interview with the dpa news agency that “only the most effective cooperation for better education with equal opportunities can guarantee Germany’s functioning in the future.”

He pointed out the main problems in German education, such as: Teacher shortages, learning disabilities, and deteriorating student performance, as well as the percentage of early secondary school dropouts against the backdrop of a growing shortage of qualified workers. “Failure to address these problems risks a deep educational crisis,” Geering noted.

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