“Every time Denis Villeneuve calls, it's yes!”: Zendaya says she's open to third 'Toon' film

If you decide to make a third film in the story HillDenis Villeneuve can certainly count on Zendaya's participation.

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In an interview with US site Fundago a few days ago, the 27-year-old actress said she would be open to working with the Quebec filmmaker again for a third film.

Remember that Denis Villeneuve revealed a few months ago that he was writing the script for the third film Hill – It will be an adapted novel The Messiah of Dune – Almost done. Meanwhile, the second part of the story, The Hill: Part TwoIt will hit theaters on the 1stThere is tuesday

“Would I be ready for that? Of course!” When asked if he would agree to star in the third film, Zendaya responded without hesitation. Hill.

“Denis every time [Villeneuve] Call, that's a yes from me. I'm excited to see what's going to happen…it's just anticipation. I know Denise is a perfectionist in many ways and doesn't want to share things until they are ready. I respect that and I'm going to wait until he's ready.

Is the second film better than the first?


A few weeks ago, during the launch press conference The Hill: Part TwoIn South Korea, Denis Villeneuve suggested that the second part of the saga is “a much better film” than the first chapter, which was released in the fall of 2021.

“There is still something alive [dans le deuxième film]The Quebec director underlined.

“I reached an intensity and a quality of emotion that I hadn't achieved in the first film. I am not saying that the movie is perfect but the second part is more satisfying than the first part. I can't wait to share it with fans and the film industry.

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