Maria Sadowska Defends Barbara Cordage the Devil: “I’m with you. Don’t give up!”

on a career Barbara Cordage the Devil Black clouds gathered recently. After naming the border guards “Killers without minds and hearts” In an Instagram post, the celebrity lost her job at Telewizja Polska, The prosecutor’s office opened an investigation with her. The mobile operator, to whom Basya owes her career, officially distances herself from her words. Pudelek also managed to found Kurdej-Satan He cannot count on another association with Polsat.

Login Barbara Cordage the Devil He did not escape the attention of Polish celebrities. Recently, her words were heavily commented on by Krzysztof Stanowski, as Maffashion pointed out (a little more moderately). Maria Sadowska joined the media debate on Wednesday. The singer and director posted an extensive post on Instagram in which she regretted the current situation on the Polish-Belarusian border. By the way, open Defend the Kurds of Satan.

The humanitarian crisis on the border continues. We sit here safely, rest, eat well and warm – people die there in the cold. They are desperate. It could be us! This was less than 80 years ago, when we were also fleeing war and hunger. I put this beautiful picture on purpose, Because I know it would be better to “click” than a picture of refugees in the woods. In addition, it comes from antiquity, when you can still sleep peacefully (…) Sadowska wrote, then instructed fans to follow the profile of the activist working on the border.

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The next director publicly endorsed Basya. Sadowska did not hide her indignation at the fact that celebrities were severely condemned for their vulgar income.


I would also like to say that I was standing behind Basia Cordage-Demon, who could not stand it and said what she thought, and now a wave of hatred and criticism was pouring down upon her. Can we really tolerate children crying cold in our woods? But we do not tolerate someone protesting angrily and saying a few words too many … So-called celebrities, especially women, are supposed to be cute and beautiful, and to keep quiet. Basya, I’m with you, don’t give up!!!! – We read.

Interestingly, the director I’ve defended Barbara before. A few days ago, Qardaj Shaitan officially apologized for calling the border guards “murderers”, and posted a statement on Instagram. On Tuesday, appeared under the Celebrity Entry An eloquent comment from Maria Sadowska.

Never apologize – I wrote.

Watch how Maria Sadowska defends Barbara Kurdej-Satan. Will Bassia be grateful to her?


In the Pudelek podcast, we’ll reveal how much Małgorzata Rozenek pays us for fun comments!

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