June 6, 2023


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Joanna Koroniuska revealed her relationship with her mother-in-law.  The picture you shared says it all

Joanna Koroniuska revealed her relationship with her mother-in-law. The picture you shared says it all

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Joanna Koronioska He has a really happy family. Not only her marriage to Massej Dubourg It seems to have been well chosen. The couple are also great at raising their daughters. Fans are also interested in the relationship of the actress with her mother-in-law. how to live with Katarzyna Dubor? This question comes back constantly, and Koronivska He is always happy to respond.

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Joanna Koronioska showed the beautiful Katarzina Dobor garden

Joanna Koroniuska candidly about her relationship with Katarzyna Dubor

anyway Joanna Koronioska He’s keen to talk about his relationship with him mom ± Husband, cool guys still can’t believe it. Women share a strong bond, and this seems to be the beginning The journalist helped the couple get through the crisis.

Joanna Koroniuska with her daughter Katarzyna DuborKoronioska showed her daughter. Who is she like? Fans: all grandmother

Koroniewska lives in friendship with her mother-in-law. Women love to spend time together. So, recently on Instagram, fans asked her again about her relationship with the presenter, the actress replied:

We understand each other without words. So you can be jealous! – We read.

Joanna Koronioska and Katarzina DuborJoanna Koroniuska and Katarzina Dubor Screen – InstaStories

You just have to look at the photo I posted on InstaStories to understand what that means. The material was also shared by Katarzyna Dowbor.

Joanna Koroniuska and Katarzyna Dubor love to spend time together

Kornoniewska values ​​time with her family. In the summer showed How to relax in the beautiful Katarzina Dobor park. She also invited the journalist to speak as part of one of the live performances on Instagram. It only takes a moment to listen to them talk to each other to make sure that these two women really love each other.

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Joanna KoronioskaKoroniewska had enough: When Dowbor has gray hair, it’s ah and ah. picture showed

Do you really think that Koroniewska can be “envy”?