“Time of the Blood Moon”: The film is already an Oscar favorite!

Starry movie “Blood Moon Time” It was based on the motifs of David Grann’s novel Time of the Blood Moon. The Osage Indian Murders and the Birth of the FBI. As we read in the official plot description of Gran’s book, her action is based on facts and takes place in Oklahoma in the 1920s. Under strange circumstances, other members of the Osage tribe, considered the richest Indians in America, begin to die there. This is because the reserve they inhabit contains extremely rich oil deposits. The newly created FBI tries to solve a series of murders.

I tried for the main role Leonardo DiCaprio Eventually he was given a supporting role. The main role is played by the share Jesse Plemons. The actor, mainly associated with great supporting roles, will play FBI agent Tom White, who comes to Oklahoma. Robert De Niro He will play the powerful and influential rancher, and DiCaprio will play his nephew, Ernest Burkhart. Lily Gladstone will play his wife, Molly.

The production of “Killers of the Flower Moon” has faced many obstacles so far. First, the Covid-19 pandemic prevented the start of filming, which was supposed to take place at the beginning of last year. Then it turned out that the problem lies in the large budget for this scene, which is expected to reach approximately $200 million. The project was taken over by Apple Studios.

Meanwhile, there were also changes in the original concept and the roles played by the main stars in this film. Lily Gladstone She gave an interview to “Muqalafa” magazine. Gladstone confirms in this conversation that the film’s script was revised repeatedly during preparation for filming. As a result, it was changed so much that the scene in the first version had three pages of long dialogue. In the final version, the actors speak only a few sentences. For Gladstone, this was crucial because this was the scene she had to perform while auditioning for the role.

Native Americans participated in the production of the film. This also influenced changes in the film’s script. Originally, this story was supposed to be shown from the perspective of white oppressors. “At some point I realized I was making a movie about white men,” Scorsese said in an interview with Time magazine. “The thing is, I was looking at the whole story from the outside, which worried me.”

The changes in the film were not limited to writing a new version of the script only. The main roles were also divided differently. DiCaprio quit the role of FBI agent Tom White, investigating the murders of Osage Indians, because he did not want to play the role of an impeccable hero. So the script was rewritten so that the actor could play Ernest Burckhardt, a suspicious character. He and his wife, Molly, were the focus of the story, which was based on facts. The actress lost 13 kilograms for this role. According to reviewers who have seen Martin Scorsese’s new film, Lily Gladstone will be one of the acting Oscar nominees thanks to her role as Molly.

Scorsese’s latest work premiered during this year’s Cannes Film Festival. “If we gave tickets to everyone who wanted to see this show, the other festival halls would probably be filled. It was pure madness. Tickets were sold out in a few dozen seconds, and people were sitting on extra beds and stairs in a hall with more than a thousand people.” Seats and full focus, but what can you expect? When did Martin Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro come to Cannes? – Cuba Armata wrote in a review for Interia.

“The Time of the Blood Moon” is already an Oscar favorite. Considering the rave reviews and huge interest from viewers, we can conclude that another blockbuster movie is about to happen. On September 13, the final trailer for the film was released. It was viewed three million times in one day.

However, there is no shortage of negative comments, mainly due to the duration of the film. Initially, it was supposed to last four hours. The director decided to shorten the production, which now lasts “only” 3 hours and 26 minutes. For the director, feature films are nothing new. His previous work, “The Irishman,” was three minutes longer than “The Blood Moon.”

The film, produced by Apple, will be shown in selected cinemas in North America starting October 6, and on October 20 it will be distributed widely, including in Poland. It has not yet been revealed when it will be available to view on the Apple TV+ streaming platform, where it will eventually be released.

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