Manolo Rojas denies falling in love with a Venezuelan model: "I have not drunk for many years" Entertainment |  Performances

Comedian He made it clear that he had no connection with Venezuelan model Yuris Yahoo, who recorded a video clip of the song ‘Falling in Love’ with him. He also explained that he has been giving acting workshops in Hural for the youth.

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“Many people think that I have fallen in love again and that I have a relationship with Venezuelan model Yuris Yahoo, who will be participating in my video clip ‘For Love’ which I will be releasing in a few days. I want to make it clear that there is nothing, I am lonely, I am very quiet in my work., The comedian insisted Manolo Rojas.

Is this theme a Gumbia?

That’s right, I decided to write a video clip of Gumbia, which I wrote a few days ago, and record it professionally. I have recorded many songs in my career, in different genres, which I usually present on my shows. I mean, the public has always seen me sing, and I did it in the film ‘Artist of the Year’ when I participated.

Many believed that the pictures with that model came from real life.

Yes, many called me ‘good manolitto’, ha, ha, ha. Now I am in the most quiet stage of my life, I do not drink for many years, I meditate a lot and spend more time with my family.

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You too have just started teaching acting workshops …

I was invited to give some workshops in my hometown of Hural, so I offer my experience of more than 30 years of art life to young people because I do not only do comedy on television and radio; But I have acted in novels, miniseries and movies, and characters full of comedy and drama, have allowed me to grow so much.

You recently appeared on the series ‘Llauca’ …

I was proud to have worked on a mini-series directed by George Carmona and produced by Gisela Valcarcel, where I was able to give life to boxing coach Rojidas, a boxing coach. An opportunity through the game. It aired on television, but is still available on digital platforms.

When is ‘El Riventonaso de la Zola’ coming back?

I expect Ernesto Pimentel to recover soon so he can restart the recordings of ‘El Reventonaso de la Zola’. I know your operation is going very well and we will bring everything soon, but the show is airing with good reception from the people.

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