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The gay-pop industry is generally very strict with its artists and This is no exception to the rule. According to their own agreements, the members of the group must comply with the regulation ordered by the company representing them, for other reasons, to ensure their safety.

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Bighit, renamed HYBE, is the company it represents In addition to being one of the most powerful entertainment companies in South Korea, mainly thanks to the success of Boyband launched in 2013.

Artists in their own right, members They can engage freely in the group’s art production, but their managers often have defining votes on tricky issues. They can even reject songs while forcing musicians to follow certain guidelines.

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Photos of a session for BTS members and their social networks (Photo: BTS / Instagram)

5 things BTS members cannot do

1. No pictures can be taken with fans

BDS must follow certain rules of their agency, which for security purposes, for example, you can not take pictures with fans, you will rarely see the presence of a Korean idol with some random woman.

2. Gifts from weapons cannot be accepted

BDS singers have about 200 bodyguards at their service for their protection. At this point, his art company has taken strong steps that members should follow. One of the things they are forbidden to do is to accept ARMY gifts, which can cause security concerns because they can be the target of an attack.

3. You cannot make a change without the approval of your agency.

Korean idols cannot get makeover without the permission of their agency. However, Jin broke the rules and decided to cut and dye her hair.

4. Can’t be tattooed

Another rule is tattoos. South Korea has a very recent ruling about the art of tattooing, you must even have a medical license to open a business. Music or television artists often cover them with makeup on shows. However, Janguk has broken these prejudices and fearlessly displayed his tattoos and punches.

5. They cannot change or post any image

The company is very strict about copyright, so they are not allowed to send or publish any image, video or audio of BTS songs or series. However, Jimin and Jay-Hope took responsibility for not following this rule and shared some posts about a webpage and group videos on social websites.

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Why should BTS members serve in the military?

A subcommittee of the South Korean National Security Council began debating on September 9 whether to accept that the amendment to South Korean laws was only for a small group.

The commission filed a complaint against the same South Korean defense ministry The BTS was recently implemented as the so-called Military Service Exemption Act, which seeks to improve the reputation of the country by not allowing male artists to serve in the military, as opposed to how it is for other people.

If the amendment to the law is rejected and the Septuagint is exempt from doing their service, they should say goodbye to their fans as soon as possible to add and fulfill their duties as citizens.

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When BTS played ‘Red Light, Green Light’

The ‘Squid Game’ Has a great relationship with the team BDS Because the boy band members played on various shows Run BDS, Which appeared in the first episode of the series Netflix.

Thus, in the 128th episode of the various show, members BDS They decided to organize themselves to take part in the ‘green light, red light’ game. In this way, they had to cross the path of a room without being detected by the responsible person.

Although this is true, there were many speculations in the beginning Netflix Inspired by the band’s game BDS For the realization of the series, all of this was clarified and its creator Tang-Hyuk Hwang Who gave the details of the case.

Despite this explanation, BDS fans continued to share the theory that the streaming giant series was a product of great inspiration for the South Korean team.

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