[EN VIDÉO] “Stop madam!”: A fake guide dog creates chaos in an anti-mask test

A 59-year-old Quebec woman has been hit with two hefty fines for refusing to wear a face mask, and at the end of the trial, was completely baffled by a fake guide dog accompanying her group of friends.

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“Are you going into this courtroom, yes or no? Well, you stop immediately, ma’am!” Judge Christine ordered Auger, forced to raise her voice amid sobs.

On the left, at the heart of this “mask” is a dog named “Daddy”. At right, anti-mask protester Bozena Lis-Kalinowski cries after being arrested and escorted out of a Gatineau courthouse.

Screenshots of videos posted on Facebook by “Jane Trudoffer Dreisen”.

The magistrate was scheduled to hear the Bozena Lis-Kalinowski case on September 21. The Catino resident is known for appearing several times in demonstrations against health measures during the pandemic.

Several of her relatives accompanied her to her trial in Coudino, where she was charged with two counts of not wearing a face mask under the Public Health Act.

A “mask” was filmed

According to the audio recordings of this test obtained by NewspaperEverything went wrong when one of Posena Lis-Kalinowski’s friends came to court with her little dog named “Daddy”.

Special guards after evicting anti-mask group from Gadino court.

Screenshots of the video posted on Facebook by “Jane Trudoffer Dreisen”.

“They said a dog is a guide dog. At first glance, according to our observations, the dog does not fit this. The woman was denied entry into the court. A barrage followed,” a special constable told the judge.

Mme Liz-Kalinowski and her friends began calling 911 to report the situation. Then they screamed at the top of their lungs at the Gattino building. Many of them defied the ban of special guards and filmed their little show for their subscribers on social networks.

Dad, Catino is known as a guide dog at court.

Photo courtesy of Jane TrudeauforTreason’s Facebook account

“At this point, the woman slipped and went to the second floor with her dog,” the peace officer said. We were forced to go down again. In the end there were 10 or 15 people with the madam.

Charge of contempt

Faced with chaos, Honorable Christine Auger was finally forced to arrest Bozena Lis-Kalinowski. He also seized the cell phone of a fifty-year-old man who appeared alone in the court.

Posena Lis-Kalinowski, who was once kicked out of the palace, complained in a video that her cell phone had been seized by constables.

Screenshots of the video posted on Facebook by “Jane Trudoffer Dreisen”.

“Madame did not enter fully, but only entered the entrance of the court. She refused two commands to come in and kept shouting. She refused to listen to any advice. […] Therefore, the court is entitled to proceed with its case,” ruled the judge.

Ms Liss-Kalinowski will address the meeting in June 2022.

Photo taken from the Instagram account of bozena.lis.754

She was ultimately convicted on both counts. An anti-mask group will pay two tickets worth about $3,000 for refusing to wear a mask during two events in 2021.

Mme Liz-Kalinowski is not at the end of her troubles. The Gatineau resident will appear again at the end of November for contempt of court for all the disturbances in the Gatineau court.

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