June 3, 2023


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The unmasked singer managed to fool everyone this week

The unmasked singer managed to fool everyone this week

This week, the candidate was eliminated from the popular series Mask singers Make people go “Huh!?” I was able to say that. To all investigators.

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Although it’s not as amazing as Denise Bombardier (unmasked last week), Shepherd’s Pie manages to fool everyone.

The typical dish from here was opened by lighting the garland boom boom boom, From Mikhail.

The judges hesitated between Sébastien Delorme, PA Méthot, Jean-Philippe Wauthier, Mehdi Bousaidan and Louis Morissette.

(Also, when Sam Breton mentioned Louis Morissette’s name, host Guillaume Lemay-Thiverge’s expression was worth $1,000.)

But there were no men hidden in those clothes, but…



Ah potatoes! It’s Matthew Baron.

Yes, the former model-turned-actor himself made a cameo appearance.

So far, the only candidate who managed to fool all the investigators was Liz Vautier in the first season.

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So congrats to Mathieu for teaming up with the greatest of subtle singers.

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