April 1, 2023


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The match of the Polish national team with a great opponent is approaching. We got to know the plans!

The Polish national team will return to the field in March 2023, where it will compete for points in the European Championship qualifiers. The players of Fernando Santos, who was signed a few days ago, will first play a match against the Czech Republic in Prague, and then in Warsaw (or in another Polish city, the case is still open due to a glitch in PGE Narodowy) against Albania.

The next match is scheduled for June 20 – in Chişinău we will face Moldova. And before this trip, another match will be organized.

The sparring with Germany?

We are talking about a social gathering, which, according to preliminary plans, will take place during the training camp in June. The sparring will take place in Warsaw, provided of course that the capital facility is fully operational with services. However, the background information is different: According to Interia’s findings, PZPN is in advanced talks with the German DFB.

If this succeeds – which is a good chance – it will be the return of the Germans to the Polish capital after nine years. At the National Stadium, in the match in 2014, the players under the leadership of Adam Nowaska defeated the world champions 2: 0. Since then, the Poles have played against Germany twice, but each time away from home. In 2015 in Frankfurt we lost 1: 3, and in 2016 in Paris – during the European Championships – we tied 0: 0.

Farewell to the legend

Exclusive interview with Fernando Santos//Polsat Sport//Polsat Sport

It is true that Błaszczykowski has been fighting for his return to the field for several months and is undergoing grueling rehabilitation, but there are many indications that in June he will be able to appear on the field at least symbolically. And in such gracious circumstances – with the full stands of PGE Narodowy – to see off the fans and the national team.

Sebastian Staszewski, Intria