Ladybugs have a big problem.  It's easy to get scared

Pedronka has been in big trouble for over a week. Many customers are afraid, and many have not yet noticed. Today we will try to explain what is going on.

Ladybug Owned by Jeronimo Martins Polska SA It is the largest retail chain in Poland. In 2021, there were 3,154 facilities located in more than 1,100 different cities. Over the past 25 years, the opponent has gained as many fans as the opponent.

Ladybird cash registers scare you with deactivated Windows

In any case, the popularity of Pedronka is undeniable, mainly due to various promotions and low prices. However, it can also be the source of many comments. This time, people’s tongues are back on self-service payments, which have a big problem.

From about the tenth day There are more reports on the Internet about Pedronka’s cash registers. A message greets customers in the lower right corner of the screen Notification of the need to activate the Windows operating system. We have also seen such a watermark.

Ladybugs have a big problem.  Have you noticed it yet?

Is there anything to be afraid of? Are credit card or Moja Biedronka card details at risk? no! Perhaps the problem is a KMS error, the so-called Key Management Service tool.

It is a service aimed at businesses and organizations that allows you to remotely activate operating systems on multiple devices at the same time without physical access to them. Significantly simplifies and shortens the entire process.

KMS requires its own network, it does not connect to the Microsoft network. Of course, this requires the company to have its own server. Activation must be repeated up to 180 days. Otherwise, the system will display this prompt. Perhaps Biedronka forgot about it or the cash registers had a problem connecting to the server.

We asked Biedronka representatives for comment. We asked them if they were aware of the problem and when the situation would be brought under control. When we get a response, the article will be updated.

research: Ladybug with big cuts. Hits from PLN 35
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Image source: Shutterstock, Telepolis

Text source: comp. king

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